Greg Secker: A Mentor in Forex Exchange Trade

Forex is a 24hour world foreign exchange market where international currencies are traded and decentralized. Forex market is considered to be a safer sector compared to other trading markets, now that the world is experiencing massive inflation. Forex, as a trading market has several benefits such as not much capital is needed making it easy to start the initiative. All that one will need is a laptop or desktop, as well as a stable network connection. By doing so, you will be able to conduct the trade anywhere and anytime.

Forex trading is flexible because profit is made whether the market is stable or unstable. For a trader to get started in this forex trading, there are several cumshaws needed for the trade to be successful. One should first learn about how forex works by getting the basic concepts, get a mentor to direct you, understand that each day is a learning stage, and have a positive attitude. Most people get to experience losses while trading, thus, beginners are advised not to have second thoughts when that happens in their early days of the business. This is because they might end up making a decision that will make them regret and disappointed. A new trader should be Authentic in what they plan and expect the best results. Also, they ought to avoid exaggerating situations.

Forex trader Greg Secker is one of the popular and successful men in forex trading. Greg Secker is a pioneer and a founder of several organizations. He is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation whose main purpose was to improve the lives of people and the community at large. Greg Secker owns capital index, learn how to trade, and smart charts software. Greg Secker’s career started at Thomas Cook where he was working in the financial services. He later moved to start a brand new business called Virtual Trading Desk. After his career had progressed promptly, he became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg Secker has received so many Awards for the good work portrayed by him and for bringing in so much change globally.


The Good Guys at Goettl Team Up with John Linner

By joining companies into itself, “Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning” has maintained its title a dynamic HVAC company. The basis of Goettl’s specialization is the degree that its services are able to handle complex equipment of conditioning and ventilation systems of any complexity .

Not only is Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning active in the complex equipping of air conditioning and ventilation systems of any complexity but this close-knit team of specialists, is a family which handles the needs of clients with consideration and earnest. That’s why exactly why Goettl is expanding. Though Goettl’s specialists are already qualified to provide a full range of services for the selection of air conditioning, ventilation and heating equipment, as well as humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers, they have recruited some of the best in the business to work alongside them.

For instance Desert Valley Mechanical is just as able to manufacture, do installations, commissioning work, provide warranty and maintenance services when it comes to heating services. With strong partnerships such as these, Goettl remains more than ready to offer a full range of services: from project design, selection of the necessary equipment, delivery, and accessories etc.

This type of growth is only inspired by like mindedness of the two companies which both strive to help customers maintain optimal living conditions. It’s safe to say that Goettl is expanding, and for good reason. The growing company is planning on offering Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas their climatic equipment from state of the art manufacturers, in the near future.

With the newfound alliance of Desert Valley Mechanical’s President, John Linner, it is likely that all residents opf these cities will receive competent support at all stages, from the initial consultation and the preparation of the project (if necessary), to the timely delivery and installation of equipment, as All employees are capable and work as a team to achieve the best result.

The company provides a full range of services that will allow you to pick up on the technical characteristics necessary for your equipment, for well informed purchases by clients. Their aim is also to consult and get the total cost of such works as: service, repair, cleaning, installation and installation of household and commercial cooling systems, reassuring customer satisfaction. At all stages you are provided with an individual approach as is each client, as the company’s specialists focus on long-term cooperation. Goettl’s goal is to provide the best solution according to your needs.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Pushing Amazon Off the Top Perch

Amazon has been sitting for years in that top perch in the fashion e-commerce market because none of the other competitors have what it takes to give them a real run for the money. Even with thousands of competitors fighting for every dollar, Amazon is pulling in 20 percent of all the sales in this space without any trouble. Things may be changing however, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been gaining some serious ground on the clothing retail giant. In a little under three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold $250 million of women’s workout apparel, and things only appear to be getting started.


Taking a much closer look at this athleisure brand, we discover that the success is coming from places one not expect. The obvious places you would think are responsible for the sudden growth would be a celebrity endorsement and high-quality, but the simple answer comes from reverse showrooming and multiple membership perks. Too be able to wrap your head around these two different aspects of the sales foundation, we have to drive to the local Fabletics store in your mall. The customers in this retail setting are all trying on everything throughout the store, taking a lifestyle quiz, even window-shopping without any sales associates pressuring them to make a purchase.


The secret to how Hudson’s Fabletics has become a force in the fashion e-commerce market all comes down to what is happening inside the website. Now since the shoppers have been walking around the retail store and trying on everything they can get their hands on, those items are uploaded to the member’s account online, basically allowing them to continue shopping whenever they have the time. Not only is this a more relaxed way to shop, the online inventory is tremendous compared to what is inside the mall.


As you can see, this is not your everyday women’s shopping experience. Add into the mix that these women also receive free shipping for the online orders, help from a shopping assistant at Fabletics, and discounts on all the workout apparel both online and in the retail shops. The number of new shoppers who are becoming loyal customers at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been growing steadily these last three years. If the numbers in sales continue to soar, then it might be true that this workout clothing company does have what it takes to knock Amazon from their perch.


Boraie Development -Hope for New Jerseys’ Real Estate Market

According to an article that was published by Fundacity, New Jersey is trailing in the country. This trend has mainly been caused by high housing demand due to higher rates of employment, formation of households, and prices of homes going up. Also, lack of homes for selling and auctioning has resulted in the high demand for homes to the extent that new properties can sell themselves without the help of real estate managers. Worse still, home owners are holding on to their homes with the hope of selling at a higher price in future.

Boraie Development took the initiative of trying to improve the situation in New Jersey. Boraie Development has over 20 years of experience in development. Boraie Development is a company that offers a variety of services in urban real estate market. This includes property management and sales/marketing, real estate development, and they also specialize in building the best houses. The company offers the best solutions to their customers by providing them with unique services.

Their success can be attributed to the fact that they are working with the best architects and strong financial institutions. The employees of the organization are motivated and always ready to complete the work on time. Boraie Development is also committed to incorporating vision, reliability, and capitalism to every project they do. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Omar Boraie is currently the president of Boraie Development LLC. He started the company in 1972 with a goal of rebuilding New Brunswick, and he made it grow with spectacular buildings and condominium that he transformed it into a powerful economic millennial. His hard work has made Boraie Development to be considered as the best property developer.

Boraie is dedicated to attending to projects that aim at attracting residents, financial partners, and tenants who will want to build a long-term partnership with the firm. Managing properties is one thing that has made them be more successful. Through proper maintenance of the properties, the company has been able to increase the value of its properties. This has made them to be considered as the best contractors.

The management services of the company include offering customer care services, accounting, carrying out administrations, marketing, and maintenance. Their sales and marketing strategy is also well calculated that they have managed to sell over $150 million in commercial and residential transactions. Boraie Development is working hard to ensure that New Jersey has better and affordable housing.

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IDLife And Logan Stout Help People Get Healthy

Health is important to many people but some people just don’t have the resources that they need to truly get as healthy as they can. This is something that Logan Stout recognizes often and something that he wants to work to be able to change. He also wants to make sure that people are able to have a better experience no matter what they are doing so that they will be able to get more out of their lives.

Healthy people are usually happier people and that is something that IDLife is able to provide to everyone so that they will be able to make a difference in everyone’s lives. It is something that Logan Stout is committed to and something that he is confident in because he has seen it happen in the past with IDLife users. He also wants people to be aware that it can help everyone no matter what their age or health looks like.

Follow Logan Stout on LinkedIn

As Logan Stout grows the company, he adds different things to it. For example, he has added different options in the past. All of these are used to make sure that the company can cater to everyone and that it will be easy for them to choose what they want to get out of the options that they have with IDLife. Logan Stout also knows that providing people with options is one of the easiest ways for them to feel confident in the choices that they have to make their lives better.

Not only is Logan Stout able to help people with their health but he can also help people to make money from the things that they have going on with IDLife. Since it is an MLM company, it is something that people can use to make money from the program. It has been a game changer in many different ways and that is something that has helped the company to grow as well as the people who are using it to grow. Because of the options that Logan Stout has with the company, it can make things easier for everyone in the business.

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Nathaniel Ru Targets the Youth

Nathaniel Ru is definitely an innovator that has proven that eating healthy can be fun. Sweetgreen is the restaurant that he has created, and he has become well known in schools. He has also been able to build an audience of consumers that are interested in music as well. He has been able to do this with the Sweetgreen Music Festival. It appears that Nathaniel Ru has targeted the youth because this is the generation that is most in need of a healthy alternative to fast food.


In America there are a lot of reports about obesity with young kids because many younger children are not very active. They have become a videogame and smartphone nation of children that spend a lot of time seated. When this is coupled with a bad diet of double cheeseburgers, pizzas and carbonated sodas it becomes obvious that this is a roadmap to obesity and a plethora of health problems. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru obviously isn’t going to save the world with Sweetgreen, but the fact that he wants to get farmers involved is a great first step towards a better menu for young adults. There is also a great marketing campaign that’s going on through technology that makes this company even more attractive. Learn more:


It would be difficult for Nathaniel Ru to promote Sweetgreen if he wasn’t connecting to the youth through the technology that they have become accustomed to. He’s doing this and that is why he made sure that Sweetgreen would have an app that would make ordering much easier. This is definitely a vital part of the success of this franchise because many young adults are impatient. The lines are getting long at the Sweetgreen restaurants because this is one of the few healthy alternatives. People that get the chance to order online through their app will have access to a better pick up experience because they don’t have to wait in the long lines.


Nathaniel Ru has also captivated the youth by staying on top of innovations. He came up with the concept of a cashless restaurant for one of the Sweetgreen spots, and many of the young adults that are only carrying plastic in the form of credit or debit cards are pleased with this. Many of them will embrace this because it makes their eating environment safer. No one is looking to rob a cashless restaurant so safety is increased.




A Dive Into Jim Dondero and His Way to Investment Success

Barron’s takes an in-depth approach to talking about the leadership of Highland Capital Management and specifically focuses on James Dondero, a co-founder and President of this company. It posits that Mr. Dondero offers a disciplined, disciplined and bold leadership to this firm. These qualities have enabled him to be able to steer the firm to its successful status that it has held for several years now.The leadership qualities of Mr. Dondero are highlighted in this article. He has a wide experience in the alternative asset management, and he is one of the best in the world. MR. Dondero is disciplined in that he constantly works to improve the proprietary investments systems and processes of this company. And finally, he is bold in that he aligns interests by means of co-investment developing solutions and not products.

About James Dondero

Mr. James David Dondero doubles as the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of Highland Acquisition Corporation. From April 25, 2016, Mr. Dondero has served as both the Secretary and the President of Highland Acquisition Corporation. He has been the President and the Managing Director of Highland Capital Management, L.P. since 1993. He is among the founders of Highland Capital Management which was conceived in 1993 and has been managing the private equity business since then.His educational background speaks for itself. Mr. Dondero received the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He also graduated with dual majors in Accounting and Finance from McIntire School of Commerce.

Other educational achievements of Mr. Dondero include Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).Mr. Dondero today boasts of more than 30 years of experience in credit and equity market. Some of his portfolio management experiences encompass investment grade corporations, mortgage-backed securities, emerging market debt, common stocks, preferred stocks, high-yield bonds, and derivatives. To add onto his experience, Mr. Dondero has also been serving as the President of Prospect Street Income Shares Inc. all the way from July 2001 and also had at some point held the position of Chief Executive Officer here. Visit : to learn more about him


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Point To Duterte Death Squads

Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte has been tightening his controversial fight against local and international drug traffickers, leading to thousands dead, and human rights violations continue to grow. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of the Frontera Fund say the majority of the victims have been petty criminals, instead of the drug masterminds they claim to be after.

President Duterte has admitted that security forces kill people in the name of the fight against drug-related crime, and nearly 400 local suspected drug dealers have been murdered. Larkin and Lacey question if these security forces have turned into death squads. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Organizations such as Amnesty International have accused President Duterte and his security forces of massive human rights violations, but Duterte says he will not allow the U.S. and European Union to intimidate him. 72-year old Duterte says, “I am old and do not fear going to jail or going to hell; I will cut off the heads of any opponents.” Larkin and Lacey both warn of the erosion of human rights, and point out that rationale is seriously threatened.

Dutertes sharpest critics include the European Union, which threatened among other things, a stop of duty-free imports from the Philippines. According to recent data from the Philippine government, the European Union is the largest and fastest growing exporter of the Philippines since the first quarter of 2017. Currently two-thirds of Philippine categories of EU import duties are exempt.

The EU and China both have offered aid to help with programs to hinder international drug trades, but Duterte turned down any support. The Philippine Finance Ministry has recommended not to accept any other financial assistance in the future if the aid is contingent on to the interference. Michael and Larkin say Duterte is steamrolling any human right protections the Philippine citizens may have.

Eradicating drug dealers was part of Dutertes campaign promises, among other things, and he was elected by a large majority. These are the harsh realities the Frontera Fund fights against. The fund distributes grants to organizations that help strengthen communities that fight to end abuse. Four years ago, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Frontera Fund.

After winning a $3.7 million dollar settlement, against Maricopa County, Arizona, Larkin and Lacey allocated the money for the Hispanic community, focusing on their civil rights issues. Today, the Frontera Fund helps various organizations mobilize public opinion, and fight against human and civil right abuses


Stock-Based Loans at Equities First- Affordable Source of Business Capital

Equities First is a commonly known source of optional lending services, particularly from the beginning of the economic world crisis. As it gets a bit harder to borrow loans from traditional lenders, Equities First services have turned into hot zones where small businesses and potential investors seek their capital. The company is recognized and respected for its good reputation worldwide by offering special products at a time when most borrowers are getting turned down by banks. Al Christy is the Chief Executive Officer and CEO of the company and recently confirmed the increase in the number of borrowers seeking for stock-based loans and margin advances. Equities First is taking services closer to customers at a time when banks and other conventional companies have tightened their loaning criteria.

As indicated by Al Christy, stock-based loans come with multiple benefits. First, because they are affordable; secondly, borrowers enjoy higher loan to value rations, and thirdly, clients benefit from non-resource and non-purpose loan features that are not found in other companies. The firm’s services are also of extraordinary character and are customized to meet the best needs of their clients. Equities First stock loans are loved and well-known to establish a hedge during market instabilities, hence exposing investors to fewer risks. The non-recourse feature permits clients to walk away from any further loan reimbursements without being obligated to the lender while with non-purpose; investors can use their money as they wish.

Equity First dedicated firm providing technological lending services in different corners of the globe. The company started in 2005 and offers high-quality solutions to potential investors in need of non-purpose capital. The global leader in stock loans has working offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok, London, and South Africa. The firm is devoted to offering unique investment solutions while providing product establishment to offer borrowers affordable liquidity proportions via secure mechanisms.

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Duda Melzer: Championing for Family-owned Businesses

Family-owned businesses such as the Brazilian media conglomerate, Grupo RBS, are steeped in longstanding histories that are reflective of the family traditions and culture. Their strong culture background gives them an edge when it comes to leadership transition. However, strong culture and smooth leadership transition are not guarantees for success. Leaders of such entities such as Eduardo ‘Duda Mary’ Sirotsky Melzer have to make strategic decisions while drawing from their vast experience and academic background to steer such entities to financial and operational success. However, he first sharpened his skills in various companies where he held different management positions with significant success.

Career and Education History

In a report by Acaert, before taking over as the president and chairman of board of directors at Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer gained experience working as a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton in 2001 followed by a brief spell as a senior financial analyst at Delphi Corporation. He also worked at BoxTop Media before finally joining Grupo RBS in 2004 as its director general tasked with overseeing the company’s domestic market. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also has a strong background following his graduation from Harvard University with a Master of Business Administration degree. In 1988, he graduated from PUCRS with Business Administration degree.

Award-winning Entrepreneurship and Management

According to Globo, Duda Melzer’s meteoric rise through the ranks of Grupo RBS to become the company’s president and chairman has also coincided with his rise as a reputable entrepreneur. He founded e.Bricks Digital where he is currently serving as the chairman. He is also a partner Ventures and one of the investors in e.Bricks. His excellent entrepreneurial track record was feted in 2015 with an Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the family business category. The same year, he was awarded the Merit in Management Award in the private sector category. In 2015, he was included in the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

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