How Securus Is Staying Ahead

There are many ways I stay ahead of the curve: getting a new phone, staying on top of trends, and doing my research. However, Securus has their own way of staying ahead of the curve, and man is it a genius way to stay ahead.

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to make sure customers stay on top of business is with an app.

I wasn’t sure what Securus was, until a friend of mine opened up about their family. The company makes visiting loved ones in jail easier. While they offer ways to make it easier to make an in-person visit, they also offer video visitation options. These video visitations can be much easier for some to make than in-person visitations. However, if the webcam you’re using has really bad resolution, it can be difficult to get a good visit.

Enter the new Securus app – which is called Securus Video Visitation. This app launched in February 2016, and has some pretty cool features. One such cool feature is that those who use a calendar on their mobile devices can sync that calendar with a simple push of a button on the app. This will put any video visitation dates and in-person visitation dates on the mobile calendar.

Another feature is that the app will allow the user to use their mobile device to make a video visitation. The app will turn cell signal into the mode of conversation for the visit.

With such amazing features, and more, it’s no surprise my friend downloaded this app.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated in any way with the Securus health supplement nor the website Securus America.


  • Cali says:

    All the user will have to do before hand is to find a place with good cell or wireless signal. Securus is not skimping on that part of the deal. For a simple visitation company, they are on top of it. It could also mean a lot for which is something I am looking forward to.

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