Skout Scouts For Friends

It’s astounding how much has changed in the wake of the smartphone revolution of just the past few years. From work to play and even in the way we date and make friends, the smartphone, with its easy to use downloadable apps, has definitely had an impact on how our society functions.

One of the social apps that’s been part of the revolution is an app called Skout. As reviewed in an article in Adweek, Skout is a user friendly, intuitive app that allows people to scout around for connections with new friends, by finding them and reviewing the information on their Skout profile.

Skout has a grid graphic on its homepage that shows the faces of all the users who are currently using the site. On the left side there is a drawer that shows the online “Buzz” of what users are doing and talking about. To get in on the “Buzz,” users must login using their Facebook profile or with their email. A unique “Shake to Chat” feature connects users in a random fashion, so they can chat. Once a chat has gone on for over 40 seconds, the users’ profiles will be revealed so they can learn more about each other and decide whether to “continue their relationship.” Online, supposedly, or maybe even offline.

Scoring Points

One of the more unusual features of Skout is the way in which the app uses points, which must be purchased. Some of the app’s extras, like a “backstage” (more private) view of another user, or the flirtatious “Winkbomb” feature, can only be used by purchasing them with points.

Skout has a friendly feel and it’s easy to use, so there’s no question it’s a solid addition to the online friend connection world. Happy Skouting!

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