Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Offers Experience and Expertise

If you live or work in Austin, Texas or the surrounding areas and are looking to develop a financial plan to accomplish goals whether they be long term or short I would suggest researching the services offered by Wealth Solutions and its founder Richard Blair who has over two decades of experience in the financial sector. Wealth Solutions offers the resources, knowledge and expertise to help provide their clients with one of a kind financial plans specifically developed with their unique needs in mind.

Whether you are looking to plan for a once-in-a-lifetime round the world vacation, college for your children or grandchildren, your retirement or are just looking for a plan to help you better manage your wealth, the professionals at Wealth Solutions are there to help. The team at Wealth Solutions consists of Richard Blair, who is the Chief Investment Officer, Kathleen Neck the Human Resources and Special Projects Manager, Vashanti Mehta the Director of Operations and Karen Mosich, the Executive Associate.

Richard Blair holds the following credentials and more;

Certified Estate and Trust Specialist Certified Funds Specialist
Certified Annuity Specialist
Retirement Income Certified Professional

Richard has successfully completed many different certifications and examinations that confirm his knowledge and expertise in financial planning.

Richard’s experience throughout his career includes 19 years with United Global Securities Incorporated, 12 years with the Worldwide Ventures Group LLC, and 4 years with Crown Bridge Wealth LLC. Richard has also been the key financial advisor at Wealth Solutions for almost two decades since founding the company in 1996.

Richard has learned many things throughout his time in the financial industry including using a three-color approach to evaluate the client’s entire financial situation and needs to provide a more customized plan. Richard understands and acknowledges that clients need to be in control of their financial decisions and that they are looking for customized solutions, not just generic products.

The services provided at Wealth Solutions are of the highest standards and have a very successful history of providing exceptional financial and wealth planning services to their clients.


  • Casey Jen says:

    Richard has worked with dozens of clients to help them obtain financial security for the future and to help them obtain their financial goals no matter how large or small they may be. I have to say that the move on is very important and means a lot for some individuals too.

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