Using New Wikipedia Application to Navigate Places

Many people travel to different locales on a regular basis and are often in places that they are not familiar with. In order to help navigate locales more easily, many people will use sites such as Google and Wikipedia. While these sites are often very helpful there is yet another option you can use in order to more easily find your way around a given area. This option is known as Wikipedia Sights which provides you with an in depth source of more easily navigating unfamiliar locales. This site is a combination of Google maps and Wikipedia which will provide you with guidance and information necessary to get more out of your traveling experience. Since Wikipedia is a site that is so frequently visited, most people will feel very comfortable using a related site/application in order to learn more about a new area as well as locate a number of places of interest.

When using this new application known as Wikipedia Sights you will be able to use a few options called Nearby and HERE. Nearby and HERE feature maps that provide you with a layout of a place and help guide to you a number of locations that you may want to visit. In order to use this application you will need to pull up the Nearby option and then press the Wikipedia option. Once you complete this step you will then get a lot of key information about the places that you are close to. These places may include museums, landmarks, monuments and parks. They may also include places where public transportation is accessible which can help you more easily get around a city. Along with finding places you will also be able to use this application to get detailed descriptions of the various sites you may want to visit.

The new Wikipedia application known as Wikipedia Sights provides you with third party data collection maps. These maps will give show you the exact location of a site as well as access to more information. You can also find a location and then choose the Wiki pages to learn more about it. Using this application will help you not only locate a number of places but also learn more about them which can help you get a very enlightening experience on your trip. This is one of the more beneficial applications to use when visiting a foreign country. It will make traveling less stressful and frustrating and otherwise make the overall experience much better too.