Eric Pulier: Making a Difference In Business and In The Lives of Children

Two years ago, our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. There are really no words to covey the helplessness that parents feel when their child faces a potentially terminal disease. I think that our daughter took the news better than we did. Even though she did not completely understand what leukemia could do, she knew that she loved life and was going to live.

How could we tell our only child that her life was in danger? It is something that no parents want to tell their precious child. There was a lot of medication and treatments involved in her recovery. At times, we were afraid that it was too much and we were going to lose her. Thankfully, we had an excellent pediatric oncology team that was with us the entire journey. They encouraged us when we were about to lose hope.

While our daughter was in the hospital, we learned about some of the innovated computer programs that helped with her treatment. Thanks to excellent medical care and new technology, our daughter was declared in remission last year. She still takes medication and occasional treatments; however, her prognosis is positive.

After some research, my wife and I found that the company responsible for some of the diagnostic programs was founded by Eric Pulier. I recognized the name from The Painted Turtle Camp. Pulier is a board member of this wonderful camp for chronically-ill children. Our daughter got to attend last summer and had the time of her life.

Eric Pulier is a unique indiviual who has raised millions of dollars for the ventures he has founded alone or with partners. He has founded at least fifteen different companies. Pulier is a published author, public speaker, columnist, entrepreneur, technologist, and well-known philanthropist. Some of his ventures include Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, and TM Form. More Info On:

Also, he has invested in charitable organizations and venture capital funds. Some of these ventures include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Trident Capital. He has helped a lot of media and technology startups by investing in them. One of the many charitable organizations that Eric Pulier and his family are passionate about The Painted Turtle. He is also on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.