James Dondero And Linda Owen Make A Great Team

James Dondero recently inducted Linda Owen into his charitable organization. James Dondero leads a management firm called Highland Management Capital, and Linda Owen has been the leader of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Associated with the Dallas area, both of these organizations are supporters of The Dallas Foundation.

Yearly, Highland Management gives almost 4 million dollars to The Dallas Foundation. Though the money does go towards a good cause, Highland Management does not have enough time to dictate to The Dallas Foundation regarding where every dollar should be placed. They have too many clients and too little time. That is why Linda Owen is going to be such an asset to their organization.

Linda Owen specializes in helping organizations find money in the Dallas area. She will become the first person to run the newly created donation department within Highland Management. Linda is more happy that she will be able to help people than she is regarding her name being on a door.

Linda has promised that every dollar given from Highland Management to The Dallas Foundation will be used for things like education, healthcare, and recreation. Linda also wants to work with community leaders to make the Dallas area more safe for young people.

Dondero started Highland Management Capital in the early 90s. After studying the financial market inside and out, he was tired of seeing businesses going under because of business owners trusting in markets that would soon disappear. All investments would then be gone.

James has clients all over the world. He helps these clients invest in markets that have no sign of crashing and also in markets that will soon be booming. James also helps business owners improve their credit and the credit of their business. In addition to this, James is skilled in knowledge regarding most loans offered by banks. After studying a business, James will know what loans a business owner will and will not qualify for, and he makes sure business owners take advantage of all the money they can get their hands on. James charges low prices because he wants to see businesses succeed.

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