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The public sometimes knows a bit more than those who work in a particular industry. Well, how much the public knows depends on the particulars of an industry. In the world of professional football, fans see and hear things with their own eyes and ears. They have a lot of experience watching season after season of football. They know what football odds sound right and which ones may be a bit balmy. The public is making a bit of noise over the upcoming Saints’ football game. The New Orleans Saints have been on a road game win streak. The public thinks that streak is going to continue.

The lack of odds may be the big story in an article published at, one of the top online sites for sportsbook news and information. The article reveals the public — gamblers — are putting a lot of money on the Saints in the form of “straight bets”. For those who do no gamble, straight bets are ones based on the literal outcome of the game as opposed to the point spreads.

So, if person wagers a straight bet on a team that wins 7 – 0 then he/she wins even when the oddsmakers have the team at -8. The gambler did not take a bet based on the point spread so the spread is irrelevant in this particular game to a degree.

The “degree” here is born of the analysis that goes into arriving at a particular point spread. Figures and odds are not merely pulled out of the air. The oddsmakers have to put a lot of work into coming up with reliable NFL odds. provides enough analysis to give readers ideas about what odds are legitimate ones. published an accompanying video with the interesting article. The video features Johnny Avello, a top oddsmaker for the sportsbook at BetNow. He knows what he is talking about and what he talks about should be of interest to anyone looking closely at the Saints vs. Panthers game of week 11. The game opened at -4 and now the odds are showing -3.5. The slight change still indicates these two teams are — relatively speaking — evenly matched.

The game should end up being a very exciting one for fans. For gamblers, the goal of the game is for the result to be profitable. Public opinion leans towards the Saints, but with straight betting. Maybe this will be how things play out in the end.

Everything You Need to Know about Norka Martinez Luque

Norka (born Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque on February 7, 1985, in Caracas, Venezuela) is an upcoming pop star and dancer, best known for her hit single “Milagro.” She was nominated for the 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards in the Best Female Pop Artist category. Since she started professional singing in 2008, this beautiful Venezuelan has released several hits.


Early life and education

s indicated above, Luque was born in Caracas and spent most of her early life there. She discovered her love for music at a young age and even took part in several junior singing competitions. Some of the notable competitions that she participated in include “The Golden Voice” and the “Festival of Gaitas” which is a Latin folk music contest.

Martinez also attended arts related classes such as voice training, piano, flamenco, and ballet training. With the unconditional support of her parents, Norka was able to acquire skills in the above arts lessons while also pursuing her academic studies. When she graduated from high school, she traveled to France to further her academic education. She took a business related course (business administration) which she studied for four years.


What she did to keep in touch with her music ambitions as a student

Norka Martinez did not entirely forget about music even while at school. In the evenings she would dance in French nightclubs. Additionally, she joined a band by the name Bad Moon Rising as a soloist. With this band, she learned a lot of things concerning the music industry. She also got the chance to meet professionals (big artist, producers, and songwriters) in the European music community.


Decision to venture into professional singing

After graduating from the French business school, Luque moved to Monaco in search of a business related job. She was able to secure a job in the banking sector of this small city-state. Unfortunately, Martinez found the job boring; she felt that the job did not give her a chance to be creative.

That was when the idea of becoming a professional singer struck her mind. She packed her bags and moved to the United States to make music professionally. Like with most beginners, Luque found the journey quite challenging. According to her profile, she started off as a dancer in a club in the Miami region.

Her movements in Miami enabled her to meet the businessman and producer Emilio Estefan. Mr. Estefan changed her life. To find out more about Ms. Martinez, go here.


Utility Cleaning App, Handy, Surpasses $1 Million Mark!

It’s almost become a cliche at this point to say, “We have an app for that” but the fact remains that it is very true! The tech world has been booming in recent years and this has given rise to applications on smart phones and other digital consoles for the easy consumption of people all over the world. One company, by the name of Handy, has been rising in meteoric fashion in order to help people around the country to take care of those pesky cleaning jobs that can cause so much trouble.

Two years after their full launch, Handy is raking in over $1 million per week in earnings from bookings made via their app. The application is simple and relies on person to person connections to make things happen. Let’s say that you need someone to come around and clean your apartment once a week. Logging onto Handy will connect you with a host of approved cleaning professionals as well as their rates. You merely click through the list until you find someone that offers what you need. A click of the button later and you can schedule their hiring date and make a payment, held in escrow.

Whether you want to find workers through Handy or work yourself, the company is making things as easy and full of integrity as possible. Workers on Handy are earning roughly $15 to $22 per hour offering their skills and that has helped many people make money in a tough economy. One of the founders of Handy, Mr. Hanrahan, claims, “It gives you the ability to pick your own hours and it gives you a healthy hourly wage.” What’s not to like about that?

Despite early returns int he cleaning market the team at Handy are interested in offering far more than just cleaning applications to customers and workers alike. Right now roughly 85% of the work offered and purchased on Handy relates directly to cleaning with the last 15% consigned mostly to plumbing and handyman work. This isn’t the end of the line, though, as the team would like to begin offering even more services to appeal to even more needs for their customers.

Right now is sitting in 25 cities across the United States, two cities in Canada, and location services in London as well. There are over 5,000 active workers who are dedicated to making Handy work as a platform.



Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an unconventional business woman, but that has not quelled her success. The founder of the beauty brand Lime Crime is also known as “Queen of Unicorns”, a self given moniker. Doe Deere was born in Russia, moving to New York at the age of 17. She currently resides in Los Angeles. As a child she dreamed of becoming a musician and did so when she moved to New York.

The “Queen of Unicorns” credits her time as a musician with helping her learn the ins and outs of business. She says it taught her about such things as marketing. Doe Deere began in the business world back when she was 13 and still living in Russia, selling temporary tattoos. She sold them to her classmates, and marketed them by wearing them herself to make them popular. Today she continues the trend by wearing and modeling her own product.

Lime Crime’s business mission is “to revolutionize makeup, from the way you shop for it to the way it makes you feel”. The company is certified as Vegan and Cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Animal welfare is an issue close to her heart, and she personally and through Lime Crime donates funds to many animal related charities.

Doe Deere’s business partner Mark was originally her bandmate, he has since been promoted to business partner and husband. He is now the President of Lime Crime. She credits him as her biggest influence on her as a human.

She advises any aspiring young woman to follow their heart. She stayed true to herself when creating the Lime Crime brand. She wanted to wear brightly colored makeup, but back in 2008 she just couldn’t find those colors she wanted. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she started making them herself. At first she was amazed to see how many others were wanting the same things she was.

Doe Deere credits makeup with giving her the freedom to be herself, with the hope that it will make others feel the same way. She is of the belief that women use makeup to express themselves.

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Mike Baur Advancing Entrepreneurship in Switzerland

The American concept of business is changing radically. The American economy is transitioning from a producer economy to a service oriented economy. Manufacturing jobs were once the blood of the economy but have been reduced in numbers or outsourced. This does not mean that all American workers will be employed at Pizza Hut or Burger King, but we may have to work in the newly formed businesses of the American service economy. There are still opportunities for success but do not think about manufacturing anything but instead, think of offering a service.

For American workers who are not aware of the business demands of the Internet and social media communication, it is time to join the third millennium. Think of it this way, consider the housing market. A new house is a product, but it includes a majority of persons providing services: plumbing, framing, carpentry, roofing, and a myriad of installers. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, veterinarians all provide important services to their communities. There is space for the new American business person, but that individual must think in terms of services and not products.

In Switzerland, Mike Baur is offering his assistance to young entrepreneurs for the development of their social media communication and related ideas. Baur offers financial aid, training, and a business environment to those who have assembled a team and want to market their concepts. This type of entrepreneurial assistance is a new concept and Baur represents the new businessman, a more casual, intelligent, less structured than the past concepts forged in the United States of America by tycoons and magnates who controlled industries and ruled them with a firm hand. This hierarchy is seen on Wall Street where a conservative multi-tiered system is hard at work separating staff, agents, and brokers by their positions within the firm. It is important to remember that Wall Street is a service industry.

Mike Baur offers his concept of funding, business education and a physical office to those who have shown great ideas for the future. It is somewhat like the relationship between George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla. Baur offers help, and when an entrepreneur has a brilliant idea come to fruition, then Baur is in line to see profit from his investment.

Baur has the right idea with his Swiss Startup Factory, and his ideas embody an ethical humanitarianism. The concept of the Swiss Startup Factory is a fine idea and will advance the human condition as it relates to business in the world.

Source: Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) – Startup Accelerator



Goldenberg’s Latest Company, JustFab, Another Hit

Membership retail is a very quickly growing industry. Adam Goldenberg saw this trend all the way back in 2010 when he founded his latest successful business venture, JustFab. JustFab is a VIP membership company that revolves around fashion and clothing.

Customers that are members have access to the latest fashion trends when it comes to both clothing and fashion accessories. Customers that are members pay a membership fee and then have access to huge savings on clothing on Some of the clothing is up o %30 off. This can mean huge savings to someone who shops a lot and uses the service often. In fact, the membership fee can even pay for itself through the savings in a lot of cases.

This is a business model that the Los Angeles CEO phenomenon has brought to the fashion world. He has partnered with many of the most popular brands online. Goldenberg is especially known to have great partnerships with huge e-commerce based clothing companies like Fabletics, the Kate Hudson owned daily athletic wear company.

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Goldenberg hasn’t just used his great idea of a membership-based fashion company to make JustFab a quick success. He has a lot of experience as a winning CEO. He has applied knowledge that Goldenberg has gained from his previous ventures to his latest company to make it a huge success. JustFab actually received over $50 million in funding just last year on top of its success in regards to sales.

The first thing that Goldenberg understands about running a successful company is the value of metrics on One of the best aspects of Goldenberg’s style when it comes to metrics when uses them is how quickly he reacts to them. He is not afraid to trust information and numbers that he is given in order to make a quick decision and help his company increase growth or prevent losses. He also understands how important it is to hire the right people to work for your company. Employees are a businesses’ greatest asset. Goldenberg is known as a great recognizer of talent.

Adam Goldenberg first burst on the scene in the LA business community with Gamer’s Alliance. This company was a network for gamers. It was way ahead of its time in the late 1990s. He ran the company until 1999 until he sold it off. He then started an internet branding company that he ran until 2010. He has learned from his past successes and mistakes with his previous companies to make JustFab a hit.


Nation Title Clearing Inc. Addressing Title Defects

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has made property reports readily available with online ordering, which has been an issue for some time now. People in the real estate industry have had concerns regarding title defects. Some think that the matter causes wrongful foreclosures and other people believe that the issue contributes to stagnation of what would have been a smooth transition of property within the secondary market. Executives of the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) property records reduce the risk of buyback or inability to foreclosure, and they hold the key to making sure there is a clear title conveyance.

NTC is a leading research and document-processing provider for financial industry and mortgage. NTC recently launched an updated website that makes property reports available online in a bid to ensure that the process of securing property reports becomes simple. Title defects occur when an entity or individual lays claim to an asset that is owned by someone else. However, other factors can cause title defects, and the factors include:
• Failure to follow filing and recording procedures when recording real estate documents
• Simple issues that do not comply with real estate standards in an area with wording in the document
• Failure to remove liens and other encumbrances also cause title defects. Make sure that the title is free of encumbrances
• Failing to include the signature of a significant party like a spouse to the transaction

For these reasons, John Hillman, the chief executive officer of NTC advises that it is important to address title defects before selling or transferring property. NTC has provided the following property reports through online ordering in a bid to help the evolving mortgage industry:
• Tax status report
• Assignment verification report services
• Tax status report
• Current owner report

NTC has a goal to offer a fast, step-by-step and straightforward process of securing asset reports. John Hillman said that the company’s asset report services are based on research usually carried out from actual land records, and people can access the reports for any residential asset all over the nation. NTC gets data from several sources during its research process, mostly the counties. NTC has been able to successfully service most large lenders in the United States because the data they obtain includes automation couples with human verification.

About Nationwide Title Clearing
NTC offers post-closing services including final document tracking, lien release, document retrieval, property reports, imaging, and assignment services for the residential mortgage industry. The company was launched in 1991 with its headquarters located in Palm Harbor, FL. As at 2014, NTC had revenue of $30.6 million with a growth rate of 80% within a period of three years. NTC plans to open a new office in Dallas, Texas this month. The new office will also include a new data center.

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Billy McFarland Provides Black for Young Professionals

Billy McFarland is an entrepreneur that believes in making things happen. I can appreciate that about him. As a young man that was fresh out of college Billy wanted to have access to a black card, but he quickly realized that many millennials like himself would not have the ability to get a traditional black card because they had not established themselves. Most people probably would have just taken this as the lost that it was. Billy McFarland, by contrast, has created his own club, Magnises, and this gives millennials the chance to obtain a black card.

I think that this is amazing when one considers the fact that Billy is not even 30 years old yet. This shows leadership and innovation. He has already done something amazing with this company, but I expect him to do even greater things.

This is early work where he joined forces with previous executives that have worked with MasterCard and American Express. He has gotten the right people in place to help him do what he needed to do.

The Magnises club focuses on exclusive perks. There are people that are going to want to sign up for this club because they get the chance to get into late night parties or obtain discounts on products. I think that Billy McFarland has done a great job of getting people perks that people will benefit from with the Magnises card.

There are so many people that are getting cards because they hear about travel miles or reward programs. They may get the cards, but then they realize that they do not have the ability to use any of the features. This is the downside to getting many credit cards.

Billy McFarland created Magnises, and this company has a membership fee of $250 annually. Billy McFarland knew that he needed to create a card that would be beneficial to people if he was planning to charge this much for using this card. When he originally started the company it was invitation only. The demand grew in a great way and prompted McFarland to give more people access.