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Focus on Global CEO of CP & B, Lori Senecal and Her Work History

In March 2015, CP&B made an announcement that they had named Lori Senecal as their new global CEO. This was a newly created position that was to oversee CP&B’s global expansion and growth among other duties. Senecal has been heralded as a pioneer when it comes to embracing innovation, technology and invention on an international level. Her appointment showed CP&B’s wish to continue with their worldwide momentum that included winning the infinity global creative account.

Senecal’s Reaction and Experience

Lori Senecal stated that it was an honor that Chuck Porter asked her to work with him and the entire CP&B leadership team. She also expressed her eagerness to play an important role towards the global growth of the advertising agency by working well with the exceptional talent found in all the offices. Senecal has over the years in her career build up strategic partnerships, accelerated worldwide agency expansion, led a number of blue chip global accounts (Nestle, Coca-Cola and BMW) and cutting edge fresh business divisions. In her previous role as the MDC Partners network CEO, which Lori Senecal is set to retain while at CP&B, Lori worked with the leadership in various agencies that represent the greatest impact and growth within the family of the MDC Partners. As the worldwide kbs+ head, Lori managed to transform the agency from having 250 persons to over 900+ employees. It also became a worldwide firm that is highly creative and with agency business units that are highly innovative and centered on content creation, start-up investment and technology.

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Previously she was the McCann-Erickson president in the flagship office based in New York and held top positions in areas of innovation, account leadership and strategic planning. After leaving the agency, McCann-Erickson lost a number of staff and huge accounts like Verizon and Microsoft to other agencies. In 2014, she made it to the MDC Partners board and Advertising Age named her as a Woman to Watch. She has been awarded on several occasions. Lori Senecal was awarded for her incredible professional achievements at AWNY Game Changer Awards where Lori was awarded a Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. She has acted as the Isaac Awards’ jury chair in honoring invention in the industry and beyond.

Role as the Global CEO for CP&B

At CP&B, Lori Senecal is expected to oversee the agency’s worldwide expansion and growth. She will be in charge of managing the coordination of the firm’s international offices (9 in total). Lori will also be in charge of furthering the firm’s global development.

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Bernardo Chua Builds Empire Through Direct Selling

In the music industry Prince learned, long after the battle with Warner Bros. was over, that direct selling what the best way to earn the highest profits for your music. Bernardo Chua may not have not have a music career, but he could see the value in what Prince was saying. Chua would tap into the concept of direct selling and cut out the middle man. This would help him grow his empire with Ganoderma coffee.

Benardo Chua is the type of person that has made some interesting decisions along the way. He was innovative in his search a product line that was different than what was already on the market. He was educated at the University of East Manila, and it was during this time that he learned about the value of marketing. Bernardo also learned about the value of direct selling.

Over time he would build up his empire with gourmet coffee. The Organo Gold product line would prove to be one of the most exciting online products on the market. Gourmet coffee started the brand off, but it would only be a matter of time before other things like teas and healthcare products would also penetrate the market. Bernardo Chua knew how to take one thing like the Ganoderma mushroom and totally transform this into something of value. This is a mushroom that has been said to have healing agents, and it took someone like Chua to bring this from Asia to America and beyond.

There are people that may have some different ideas, but most of them do not have the ability to truly move products. This can be trouble for any entrepreneur. What he has done differently is campaign to people that recognize his products through social media.

Bernado Chua has taken the time to build up a product line that would continue to gain support from fans around the world. What he has done better than most people is combine social media marketing platforms with direct selling. This has allowed his brand to grow, and he still promotes directly through his Facebook and Twitter accounts.


WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are All Natural To Provide The Best Results

After more than 10 years on the market, WEN cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean are still providing amazing benefits for women out there with all different hair types. The fact that WEN is all natural and free of any chemicals also appeases to the many health trends that are currently in place as well. There are a number of great reviews on Wen cleansing conditioners effects on different hair types, and one especially well done review was published by Emily McClure not too long ago, where she details her experience using the Fig WEN cleansing conditioner.

Over the course of a week, Emily experimented with the Sephora endorsed WEN cleansing conditioner to see how she could make it work for her, and she found through some tweaking that it could actually provide great results. However, for herself to get the desired results, she needed to shower in the morning and apply the product, while also lowering the dosage by a great deal because her hair is very fine. That’s a small price to pay for the results she got to show off, which she saw many compliments from both her readers and friends.

WEN cleansing conditioners are not the only products that Chaz Dean has created over the years, but they are by far his most popular, with thousands of reviews and ratings from women to this day. One of the biggest points Chaz wanted to hit when creating WEN was affordability, followed by convenience. Not all women have the money to dish out weekly for getting their hair done at a salon, nor do many women even have the time to do this consistently. WEN cleansing conditioners allow women to maintain healthy and luxurious hair from their own home, all at one low cost, making WEN a must try for any woman who is tight on money or time.



Top UK Vintners Offer Extended Tours, Beautiful Vineyards and Countryside Views

How can you choose the top wines in the UK if you don’t know the top UK Vintners?

Europe is known for its wine. Since the 1950s, European winemakers have been researching domestic winemaking and recording their findings in fine detail. Winemaking styles began to flourish and grow in complexity, while new vineyards started popping up with new grapes. Even today, the wine business flourishes in the UK. Why? It is partly because of supply and demand, and the market continues to grow because of the demand.

The sparkling wines of UK Vintners are often termed as “dry. Aromatic and medium bodied. There are crisp and clean varieties and the sparkling wines are holding their own with competition from both Champagne and Prosecco.

So who are some of the top UK Vintners?

  1. Biddenden Vineyards, Gribble Bridge Land, Ashford, Kent, UK – Serving as the heart of Kent, the Biddenden Vineyards is 23 acres with a variance of ciders, juices and wines; On the grounds, there is also a café, free tours and a shop of extensive wines. Attached to the main farmhouse at Biddenden Vineyards is a self catered loft, for those visitors wanting to stay longer.
  2. Camel Valley, Nanstallon, Bodmin, Cornwall, U.K. – Producing both sparkling and still wines, Camel Valley has been in the Vintners business since 1989. In the last 10 years, Camel Valley has been a winner of multiple international winery prizes, from both Decanter and International Wine Challenge. As recent as 2012, Camel Valley was the recipient of the Best Sparkling Rose in the World trophy in Verona. Winemaker Sam Lindo was the first European winemaker to be nominated for Best International Sparkling Winemaker of the Year. Camel Valley offers tours daily and on Wednesdays, there are extended tasting and tour sessions; there are also two cottages on the property for rent.
  3. Chapel Down Winery, Tenterden Vineyard, Small Hythe Road, Kent, UK – This winery is located in the countryside of Kent and includes a restaurant and shops that sell wine and food. There are daily tours of the property, with special prices for children, students and pensioners. Tours can be made longer with a group. There is also cheese tasting contests and tailored packages that visitors can purchase and take with them. Trip Advisor awarded Chapel Down the Certificate of Excellence in 2015;
  4. English Wine Centre, Alfriston Road, Berwick, East Sussex, UK; The wine center in East Sussex has a hotel and restaurant for visitors, who apparently come in droves from around Europe to try their wines. There is enough capacity to old 350 guests for as many as three days and nights, with plenty of food and wine tasting contests. An extra added bonus is a tour of neighboring Rathfinny vineyard.
  5. Three Choirs Vineyard, Newent, Gloucestershire, UK – This is an award winning vineyard in Gloucestershire where visitors can stay in hotel rooms, visit the restaurant, take a tour of the shops and learn from visiting the comprehensive range of facilities.



The Ultimate In Total Haircare

Hair is something that makes us as a people look much more attractive. Short hair is cool, but long flowing locks are magnificent to see whether the locks are brown, black, red, or blonde. Women just adore their hair and in most cases is the “show piece.” Unfortunately the very things that women do for maintaining good hair care could be what’s destroying. That’s right! Did you know that over washing your hair actually decreases the scalp’s moisture? Did you know that humid weather creates frizz? Well did you know that most popular shampoo items contain dangerous sulfates? Of course the media won’t speak on it because it’s monetarily damaging to the brand itself. Since media networks use commercials for revenue, removing the commercials would be detrimental to it’s success.

If you’re tired of the same old products that gives you the same old results, Wen by Chaz should definitely be considered and this is why. WEN by Chaz Haircare Products treat, boosts, cleanse, and styles the hair to perfection. The brand’s Cleansing Conditioner is one of it’s best selling products on Sephora and Guthy Renker because it replaces a whole arsenal of haircare products. This 5-in-1 Formula is a leave-in conditioner that adds strength, hold in moisture, and detangles the hair easily. After use you’ll be left with a more manageable head of hair.

All great companies/brands usually start with great leadership and (WEN) is no exception. Founder Chaz Dean has many years in cosmetology and is one of the hottest celebrity hairstylists in Hollywood. Mr. Dean has put many hours and much effort into his revolutionary brand as WEN by Chaz has climbed in the rankings for best overall haircare product line. Users of (WEN) know that they’re backed by knowledge, experience, the finest of ingredients, and skill.