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Hair Care – Wen by Chaz

How to Reverse Hair Damage

Many women can damage their hair with daily habits that wrecks havoc on the strands. From washing to styling the hair, there are several ways that you may be reducing its shine and leaving it dry over time. To reverse hair damage and improve your locks, there are a few important steps to take.

Get a Trim

One of the most effective and immediate ways to repair split ends on your hair is to get a trim by a professional stylist. The cut will remove frizz and excess hair that has a straw-like texture to create a healthier mane that is hydrated and is stronger.

Avoid Heat

The most common way that hair is damaged is due to hair tools that are used during the styling process each day. From curling the strands to using a flat iron to straighten the hair, there are several styling methods that are prone to cause damage. Instead of drying your hair with a blow dryer, opt for air drying your locks or using a cool setting to avoid excess heat that is applied.

Use Treatments Masks

Treatment masks deep condition the hair and help to restore lost moisture when they contain restorative and hydrating ingredients. Apply the treatment twice a week, which can be used while shampooing or before washing the hair. Most treatment masks need to be left in the hair for five to 30 minutes. Oil treatments can also be used, which allow the hair to look shiny and moisturized. Apply the oil to clean hair and add a shower cap before applying heat and rinsing the oil out with cool water. The treatments will increase the hair’s elasticity and will reduce the risk of breakage from occurring when the oil is applied each week. WEN hair brings to you cleansing conditioners that specially made for dry hair. Wen By Chaz is a leading hair care line owned by Chaz Dean,, one of the most respectable Hollywood hair stylist. Their Sephora endorsed cleansing conditioners are full of nourish ingredients and do not have sulfates, just what your hair needs.

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What Is Cotemar’s Sustainability Scheme?

Petroleum is not a renewable resource, something that hasn’t escaped the grasp of Cotemar. Mexico’s premiere petroleum provider has claimed a dedication to a sustainability scheme that will not only decrease their environmental footprint on the planet, but make them a better company overall.


What is this sustainability scheme and how will it be implemented in the future? Understanding it can give you a better insight into how this unique and worthwhile company works.



Ethical And Transparent Behavior

Cotemar believes in the concept of transparency and ethical transaction. That is why they share all of their information with the public and let them know how they are working to protect them from harm. This dedication to ethical behavior helps serve their drive towards sustainability.



Improving The Quality Of Life Of The World

Cotemar is dedicated to improving the quality of life of as many people in the world as possible. This includes those who work for them through the use of better industrial safety techniques, equity programs for retirement, improved health benefits, proper education, and sporting events that help promote a better sense of community and happiness.



Serving The Community

One problem that plagues many petroleum companies is their rampant use of available labor. Rather than carefully conserve the people they do have, they often treat their workers like interchangeable cogs. That is not how Cotemar works. Cotemar tries to build connections between its workers to create a better sense of community working towards one common goal.



Protecting The Environment

The petroleum industry can be a messy business, but Cotemar works hard to help raise awareness about the environment, providing strong ecological preservation activities, and doing what they can to decrease their negative impact on the world around them.


As a result, it is fair to say that Cotemar is doing what it can to improve the sustainability of its operation and the world around it. Finding a company that is so willing to work hard for these goals is a refreshing change of pace from the sometimes cold and profit-driven business world.



Infrastructure Conditions in Texas


Mike Heiligenstein has a lead position in the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as its Executive Director. CTRMA is a government agency meant to improve the transportation system in Texas. He has Masters Degrees in Government and Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin. Before CTRMA, Mike had served as a public official in Central Texas for over twenty years especially in Round Rock and Williamson County communities. In 2000 he was chosen to head a multi-million transportation project that made an impact in Central Texas estimated at $350 million. He initiated and coordinated $500 million capital projects meant to improve the community. He has also been involved and led in environmental and other public infrastructure causes throughout his public career.


Since Mike took the lead in the Authority Mobility, the agency has been growing with an aim to initiate programs worth $4 billion and an estimated revenue growth of $136.5 million by 2020. With his expertise and experience in infrastructure, Heiligenstein is always invited countywide to give speeches on transportation to various groups.


During the annual Williamson County Growth Summit held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, a panel took the opportunity to discuss transportation challenges faced in the communities often neglected in Texas. The topic was on how the technology is transforming transportation in Austin and globally. Among the panelists was the Executive Director of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Copser founder of RideScout LLC, Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns and Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesigns. Mike quoted that to fulfill the mobility demands of areas, rapidly populated like Williamson community, Austin area needed to invest in the growth of its transportation capacity by increasing the number of quality roads. He also predicted for 12 lanes of traffic on U.S. Highway 183 and Austin State Highway 290. On the issue of autonomous vehicles, at the moment he thought that its adoption process would be slow and tedious, contrary to what people perceive it, therefore, the need to improve the roads and buses capacity. Ficklin responded to the Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw, citing that building and land-use codes needed to remain flexible because the driverless vehicles will need them in the future of transportation. He insisted that the future’s parking garage levels, service and charging stations do not fit into any current building code. Uber Technologies, Leandre Johns suggested that Austin’s commuters should consider using ride-sharing companies like Uber for first-mile and last-mile.

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Give Yourself Healthier Hair By Using A Cleansing Conditioner

Did you know that using a cleansing conditioner can lead to healthier and better looking hair? Cleansing conditioners can add shine, volume and naturally balance oil levels. Here is how cleansing conditioners can improve your hair.

We all know how important it is to shampoo our hair right? Shampoo breaks down oil, dirt and buildup that accumulates on our hair throughout the day. This is all good, but most shampoos use very strong detergents that have a negative side effect. The side effect from strong detergents is that your hair’s natural oil is stripped along with the dirt and buildup on your hair.

When your hair’s natural oil is stripped constantly, the result can be dry or thin hair. In some people, stripping oil stimulates the production of even more oil from the sebum glands. This results in even more oily hair. Thus, shampoos can aggravate and cause both dry and oil hair. So what is the solution to this issue?

Cleansing conditioners clean your hair just like a shampoo does, but there is one big difference. The cleaning agents in WEN cleansing conditioners are much more gentle and are softer on your hair and scalp. They will remove oil and buildup from your hair but not strip too much of your oil. You will have clean but not dry hair. Overproduction of oil will also not be triggered by removing large amounts of oil.

Using a cleansing conditioner from WEN is especially recommended for people who shower and wash their hair frequently. If you use strong shampoos on your hair frequently you may be doing more harm than good in the long run. WEN cleansing conditioner is mild and will also act as a buffer against further damage with its conditioning properties.

What Is A Good Cleansing Conditioner To Start With?

One of the earliest cleansing conditioners to hit the market was Wen created by Chaz Dean. Mr. Chaz Dean is a famous Hollywood hair stylist who helped pioneer the concept of all natural and effective cleansing conditioners. Wen’s cleansing conditioners are designed with 99% all natural ingredients such as herbal rosemary and chamomile extract. These all natural herbs naturally soothe and condition the hair.

Wen is currently sold in three different formulas. The sweet almond mint formula by Wen is one of the best selling cleansing conditioners right now and is formulated to be effective for all kinds of hair types. This includes both curly and ethnic hair types. The two other formulas are lavender and pomegrante. All of the formulas are all natural and herbal based.


Anthony Petrello, Donates Millions to Children with Neurological Disorders

Anthony “Tony” Petrello is the current CEO and President of Nabors Industry. Petrello earned both a/ Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Yale University. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard University. After graduation, he worked for the law firm of Baker & McKenzie where he focused on international arbitration, taxation, and general corporate law. He served as managing partner of the firm’s New York office for five years until his resignation, when he started working for Nabors Industries.

Petrello was elected to the Nabors Board of Directors and the executive committee of the board when he joined the company in 1991. He served as President and Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to 2011 and Deputy Chairman since 2003. In 2011, he became the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. In 2012, he also became Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. In addition to all his titles, Petrello provides strategic planning and direction to the company that enables them to be successful and adapt in the ever changing and competitive oil and gas drilling industry.

Anthony Petrello is also a philanthropist and involved in many different charitable organizations. One of those organizations is the Texas Children’s Hospital, where he serves as a member of the Board of Trustees. He is vocal in his advocacy for research and clinical programs for the needs of children that have been diagnosed with neurological disorders.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia has pledged millions of dollars to the hospital to help research and find cures for these children. He has been inspired by the personal adversity that he has experienced in his own personal life. His own daughter faces a neurological condition that she has had since birth. His daughter was born at only twenty four weeks old and was diagnosed with a neurological disorder common in premature infants. As a result, she developed cerebral palsy and other developmental delay issues. The Petrellos are dedicated to finding answers for their daughter and other children with similar disabilities and disorders.

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Get Your Shimmer On with EOS Shimmer Lip Balm

Shimmery lips are popular right now. Lips with shimmer can give the appearance of looking slightly larger or more noticeable. Shimmer lips can come in lip gloss, lip stick, and even from hydrating lip balm. The Evolution of Smooth company makes a few shimmery and shiny lip balms for their customers. Evolution of Smooth,, has become one of the second top selling lip balms in the nation. They are one of the few all natural ingredient lip balms that are widely popular.

One of the EOS lip balms shimmery is the pearl version. The pearl shimmer lip balm has an opaque clear shimmer look. The lip balm contains many healthy ingredients for the lips. Jojoba oil, shea butter, and antioxidant rich Vitamin E. Lips are given a slight beautiful shimmer with gorgeous hydration. when using this lip balm.

The second EOS shimmer lip balms is the sheer pink shimmer lip balm. This lip balm gives lips a slight pink shimmer color. It is not opaque like the pearl shimmer lip balm. It does add a touch of color to the lips. The pink sheer lip balm contains jojoba oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E.

Both of the shimmer lip balms from Evolution of Smooth come in adorable and stylish black containers. The black containers go well with the pink and white shades of the lip balms. It’s definitely an added stylish look to a stylish product for the lips.

If you like the sound of the shimmer lip balms from EOS, you can find them at a variety of retailers. The regular EOS lip balms and the EOS shimmer lip balms are available on the Evolution of Smooth website and the Amazon website. They are also available at Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart.

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Fabletics Success a Pointer to a Better Way of Doing Business

Competition in the fashion industry is cutthroat. The e-marketing fashion space is dominated by Amazon, which is not your usual two pence competitor; they’re one of the most recognizable brands internationally. The American consumer satisfaction index revealed that Amazon was the most popular company in America in 2014 based on more than 70,000 interviews. Currently, it commands 20% of the online fashion market.


In only three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has claimed a seat at the table with the big boys. Building a $250 million business in such short time is no small feat, but Kate Hudson’s has done it. They have positioned themselves as a high-value brand and using a mix of customer focused strategies, they have found success both online and in their physical stores. One strategy that is working for them is reverse showroom technique.


Showrooming has been a threat to many real businesses. It entails a situation where customers visit multiple online stores with the intent of researching on quality and prices and then buying where the prices are the fairest. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found success with reverse showroom technique because they established an online shopping website early enough that has enabled them to create effective customer relations and brand loyalty.


Fabletics creates a membership through a subscription that allows them to offer personalized services. As much as 50% of the people who walk into their physical stores are already members. It is not hard to believe that another 25% of the other walk-in customers become members because Kate Hudson’s online presence has enabled to them to know what their customers want which is what they stock in their physical stores.


Kate Hudson had done her research before she started Fabletics and she seems to realize what people want. Fabletics sells athletic and leisure clothing through its online and physical stores and relies on the information they gather from their subscribers to know the local markets and to position themselves strategically. They have been able to build customer loyalty by offering high-quality cloth wear at much lower prices than their competitors.


This model has worked so well for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics that they are adding more physical stores to their sixteen current ones. They have already set base in places like California, Illinois, Florida and Hawaii. Like other companies such as Warby Parker and Bonobos, Fabletics is combining high-quality products with data science among other cutting edge strategies to compete effectively with Amazon.