Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Provides Industry Innovations

In 1991 a company called Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was formed to find documents and verify them for the mortgage industry. Today the company is a world leader in accuracy and timeliness in providing all of the necessary documents and their verification. Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage processing companies rely upon Nationwide for their mortgage processing paperwork.


Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, the company currently employs 579 people who handle the day-to-day needs of clients. Great care is taken in screening and selecting only the very best employees, and their training is state-of-the-art. Employees then have over 100 advanced training modules that are used for additional input and material that is needed for advancement within the company. Over 75% of the employees are involved in these modules at all times.


Employees tend to stay with Nationwide and move up the ladder. In the last five out of six years, the Tampa Bay Times has announced that Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is among the top 100 most sought after companies to work for. This survey is conducted by a private agency and speaks well of the atmosphere of the company.


The secret of the phenomenal success enjoyed by Nationwide is the emphasis upon excellence in performance and delivery. The company has a reject rate of less than 1% and a compliance rate of 99.8%. These are remarkable results given the sheer volume of data that goes out the door on a daily basis. The company may have started out small in 1991, but today Nationwide is the world’s leading documents and records sourcing company.


The experts at Nationwide in the land records and documents areas can have access to over 3,600 recording jurisdictions all over the nation. The highest levels of accuracy and speedy delivery are maintained on a regular basis. The commitment to the latest technology and software delivery systems is a must in maintaining the high standards the company has set for itself.


The quest for continued excellence was explained by John Hillman in a recent podcast of when he spoke at an industry convention. Hillman stated that within the industry there is much discussion regarding compliance, but there does not seem to be the progress that is desired. Hillmen went on to say that the key is to set standards of performance at the highest levels, and then publicly report the progress towards those goals.


Nationwide has followed that path repeatedly with results that are commensurate with that objective. There is every bit of evidence that Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. will continue its winsome ways and will be at the top of the field for a long time to come.