Paul Mampilly Accomplishes Milestone With Financial Newsletter

Paul Mampilly has a financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited that recently crossed a milestone when it surpassed 60,000 subscribers. The newsletter, published by Banyan Hill Publishing, shows average investors how to make a profit while investing. The newsletter is published once a month and each issue highlights a new stock. He then tracks the performance of a couple of these stocks on his website in order to show how they are performing.

Paul Mampilly used to be a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. A major accomplishment in his career took place in 2009 when he won Templeton Foundation’s challenging investment competition. This competition is engaged in by Wall Street investors and the challenge is who can turn $50 million into the largest amount of money. Paul won by having a 76% return by earning $38 million in gains.

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During his career, Paul Mampilly has served as an advisor to international companies such as Deutsche Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Bankers Trust. He is a graduate of the Fordham Gabelli School of Business where he earned his MBA in Finance. Other universities he has attended include the City University of New York-Hunter College where he was educated in economics and the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering where he learned about financial engineering.

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In his personal life, Paul Mampilly has helped the community by being a volunteer teacher at a few different nonprofits including the Junior Achievement of New York program. He has also served as a Big Brother in the Big Brother Big Sisters program. Another way he has volunteered as a driver for the Coalition for the Homeless Inc. This organization distributes food in Manhattan to homeless people. Paul’s role was to drive one of their vehicles along with three other volunteers of the organization.

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