Top Reasons Why Fabletics is So Successful

Of course, every athlete and every female sports-lover have already heard of the fitness apparels company Fabletics, but did you know that Fabletics is an empire built from the ground and was able to raise more than $200 million in three years. That milestone is a tremendous achievement for the world of e-commerce, but how did Kate Hudson, the creator of the brand, achieve such success?


To understand with objectiveness how Kate Hudson made Fabletics the leading brand in the fitness industry, one has to analyze far back to the creation of the firm and the ideas that Kate and her team of administrators had to make the brand stand out. Among these ideas, Kate Hudson applied a technique called “Reverse Showroom,” which was a complete innovation in the world of marketing and something no one had used before Kate. Another important note is that Fabletics started out as an online brand before any real physical store was put in place, which means that it already conquered much of the e-commerce before it even existed in shopping malls or street shops.


Mixing fashion, practicality and a customer-centered subscription system, Fabletics became a hit after one year of existence, taking over the sales numbers of Amazon more than any other apparels company at the time. The practicality of being able to buy quality clothes through one of the most famous online stores, Amazon, was a big hit for sport-lovers and something that was missing in the market, but no one, except Hudson, saw the potential.


Fabletics has that energizing feel of using something that pushes the individual’s personality. Because of their extreme variety of colors, styles, matching sets and tissues, the clothes that Fabletics sells are selling the person’s image and individuality, which is another reason why the brand became so successful in a matter of months.


Kate Hudson spoke in an interview more about the process of creating her startup and how she thinks she was able to make it so successful.


According to the very young entrepreneur, one of the things that led Fabletics to a triumphing position was her timing in finding a market opportunity that no one else was filling. The Fitness clothing also called “activewear,” was often time expensive and not of a very good quality or variety, meaning that it was that or nothing else. Kate Hudson broke that pattern.


“Be creative and do not fear to make bets” is another tip that the young businesswoman would say to people wanting to start their businesses. Because people will never be sure of what will be successful and what won’t, which is natural, some bets have to be made to risk what everybody else didn’t.


The last tip? Find inspiration and begin working on your ideas right now. The world wants those who create and not those who have good ideas in the paper. Make things happen.