How Fabletics Got Over Thirty Thousand Reviews On Trust Pilot

A lot of successful brands are now realizing just how powerful online reviews can be and how they can boost their revenue and sales by tremendous amounts. Just take a look at Fabletics. Fabletics launched in 2013, but experienced a two hundred percent growth rate since then.


Online reviews push your website up in the search results. Two studies done by Moz and The Local SEO Guide showed that positive reviews significantly increase your online rankings. This is true if you want to get results in Google, but it is also true if you want your product to rank high on sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


There are so many ways to get online reviews these days. There are over twenty five million devices that have the Yelp app installed. Trustpilot has more than thirty million reviews of one hundred and sixty thousand businesses around the world. Twenty thousand new reviewers come to Trust Pilot every day. You can put reviews and testimonials on your own site. You can get them on Facebook and Google, where you can set up profiles.


Fabletics has over thirty thousand reviews on Trustpilot alone. According to Shawn Gold, who is the director of corporate marketing at Fabletics and its parent company, its growth rate of over two hundred percent is due to its emphasis on leveraging the power of the crowd.


Fabletics has over one million current members who are active paying subscribers. This is also due to their leveraging the power of the crowd. One of the benefits of having online reviews that are positive in nature is that people will see that you are popular and well liked. When they see that, they are much more likely to be satisfied with your service and buy from you again.


In addition, online reviews help bring you new customers. After all, when someone sees a positive review of your product, they will be likely to go to the next step and make the purchase. In fact, seventy six percent of people said that an online review helps push them towards that next step. A study shows that including testimonials on your landing page can increase conversions by seventeen percent.


Reviews are now a commonplace feature that all businesses seem to be using. In fact, around three quarters of the top brands said that they are leveraging the power of the crowd by including reviews on their website.


Reviews are trusted by a lot of people. A study showed that eighty four percent of people trusted reviews online as much as they trusted a recommendation from a family or friend. People search for these reviews at least once a month.


Kate Hudson was the star of the Almost Famous film. Now, she has brought Fabletics to the great business it now is. She has been on board from the beginning, coming up with new ways to please customers. With her help, Fabletics was able to get a top rating from the BBB and many positive reviews.

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