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Eric Lefkofsky’s Vision for Tempus is Relevant Today More Than Ever

Cancer is not what it used to be, and there are now significant improvements in cancer screening and treatment for patients. In the past 30 years alone, the number of cancer survivors has increased to15.5 million, and the number is set to increase to 26.1 million by the year 2040. Out of the current 15.5 million cancer survivors, 50% lived for 10 years after they were diagnosed. Two-thirds of these survivors have lived past five years. 80% of lung cancer survivors are excluded from the National Cancer Institute’s clinical trials. What this means is that 25% of patients who have prior cancer diagnoses are excluded from these trials.

The research studied patients who were newly diagnosed with cancer between the beginning of 2009 and the end of December 2013 and came up with the results described above. These patients were sourced from the National Cancer Institute’s registry. It is important to consider patients who have had cancer previously and conduct research on them because the delivery of care towards such patients is different. Treatment for the newly diagnosed disease may affect the treatment and management of previous disease. The study concludes that it is important for clinical trials to include prior cancer patients in order to avoid generalizing results and also improving the patient experience.

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded and is the CEO of Tempus, a company that is finding new and different ways to morph technology into the medical industry. One of these ways is by building a library of clinical data that will go a long way in offering patients customized healthcare because healthcare providers will be armed with more useful information from those who came before them.

Aside from his role at Tempus, Eric has founded various other companies and is a professor at the University of Chicago. He is also keen on giving back to the community and founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation along with his wife. They offer support to The Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago, and Lurie Children’s hospital. Their impact and dedication to better healthcare is admirable and will impact generations.

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Fabletics Is Proving They Know What They Are Doing In The Athletic Wear Business

Starting a business is difficult and starting a business online is that much more difficult. When you open a shop or business on the internet, there are hundreds of more stores just like your own. Finding a way to make your business stand out against the rest is what is going to make you or break you.


A business that mastered the way to bring in people to their business is Fabletics. The membership type of clothing store has become quite trendy since opening in 2013. The clothing membership business came to mind when people looked around the gym and seen nothing but black yoga pants. All the women in the gyms were wearing plain, unstylish clothes to work out in.


Fabletics with the help of Kate Hudson was inspired to make that change. The athletic wear that the women are now buying to go to the gym are patterns, floral, trendy and stylish. The various different types of athletic wear make it so that women of all sizes and ages feel good walking into the gym.


The membership type clothing line has people coming from all over to purchase the clothes. Each month you will receive a shipment with a new workout outfit inside. The clothes will be sent based on the lifestyle quiz you take. The quiz will help to determine which outfits are best for you and what ones to avoid.


When you are shopping for new workout gear, if you take your children to workout with you or they participate in working out with you, the FabKids line is great for making them feel good at the same time.


For Kate Hudson, it was a no brainer for her when she was approached to become the spokesperson for the brand. Kate spends a good amount of time each day working out. She wanted to help women feel better about themselves when they are in the gym. Not only did she want to help others feel better about themselves, she wanted to help bring style into the gym. Before Fabletics, the gyms were filled with members who had a limited number of style choices to work out in. Now, the gym is full of people who want to look good while working out and that can wear their workout gear to more places than just to the gym. That was another reason that Kate Hudson wanted in on the deal. She still maintains an active role within the company.


Details Regarding Sheldon Lavin, a Legendary Global Leader

Young and vibrant entrepreneurs seem to be dominating the markets, which is a great move. However, although most of these millennial investors are zealous and full of potential, it is true that they need guidance from successful veterans. Sheldon Lavin serves as the CEO and chairman of OSI Industries, a role he performs exceptionally well. Sheldon Lavin holds excellent knowledge of managerial abilities, which is one of the aspects that have escalated his sought-after leadership qualities. Mr. Sheldon Lavin is undoubtedly one of the most successful CEOs who are capable of mentoring new entrepreneurs. He is not only idyllic in building business empires, but also perfect in shaping and leading them. His primary specialty revolves around large-scale economic strategies that assist companies in maintaining complex food delivery chains.

Aspects Influencing Lavin’s Administrative Prowess

It is more than four decades since Sheldon Lavin got into the meat and processing industry. Prior to this, he had been working in the banking sector as an executive and an investor. At that time, Sheldon was also running a financial consultancy venture of his own. McDonald’s bugger supply was quite small when Lavin joined its administration. However, with time, he has managed to transform it into the global supplier that it has become. Lavin’s leadership qualities started taking shape before he joined Otto and Sons, which is the brand that came just before OSI industries. While serving in that financial organization, the bank requested him to become part of the ownership of Otto and Sons. Sheldon Lavin was reluctant, but he eventually agreed under the condition of reaping an equal amount of leverage as other members.

Investors Must Borrow Some Tips from Sheldon’s Administration

As it is, Sheldon’s job entails finicky details, which can be too demanding to handle at times. As such, most people are always left wondering how he manages such duties efficiently. Mr. Lavin reveals his strategies, where he acknowledges his involvement of highly equipped individuals in his company. He delegates different responsibilities to various people depending on their capability. By so doing, Sheldon is always able to focus on minimal research and supervision. For instance, if a professional cautions him on shortage of a particular product, he devises ideal methods of preparing his facility for supply shock. One way they get ready is by purchasing that product in massive quantities. These are just some of the wise decisions he has been making for more than fifty years.


Going With The Colorful Lime Crime Dream

The idea of following your dreams no matter how wild and crazy they might seem to be is a notion some people scoff at. Yet there really are some people in the world who will dare to go out on a limb and really make their dreams happen, no matter what anyone else thinks. One person who has dared to “be different” and really manifest her dreams in a big way is Lime Crime Cosmetics entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is a unique personality in the cosmetics world, as she started her own brand of makeup from scratch, by using her own ingenuity and the resources available on the Internet. By staying with her own vision of creating a rock and roll style makeup line that uses colors in bold and beautiful ways, she’s invented her own kind of business success story.


Promoting Her Own Brand


Deere is a Russian emigre who came to the United States as a teenager, and began her career as a musician in a New York band. She used many of the marketing skills she developed as a musician and promoter to help push first an online fashion brand, and then, ultimately, Lime Crime. Young women have responded passionately to the looks created by this upstart brand, and many of them have posted their own photos on the brand’s Instagram page, quickly sending it into the social media stratosphere.


Going Bright and Bold


Lime Crime uses a color palette that is bright and bold, with lipstick and hair colors that range from purple to pink to blue and green. As Deere sees it, creative women are unicorns, and they should be their own unique selves, even if that means standing apart from the crowd with their own colorful looks.


Lime Crime’s Unicorn lip colors and hair colors now have a passionate following, and there’s no doubt the young women who use the brand will continue to meet each new product from Lime Crime with enthusiasm. All this, apparently, is what comes from following your dreams. Learn more:



In the World of Business and Philanthropy: Tony Petrello Makes His Mark

It’s hard to find the exact word or phrase to describe Tony Petrello’s professional career. Considering what he has achieved and the marks he has stamped in the world of business and philanthropy, to say that his career is a successful one can be an understatement. In 2015, Tony Petrello was among the highest earning CEOs in America. According to Mr. Petrello, most of his achievements are due to natural gift, creativity, and hard work. A lot can be said about Anthony’s contribution and career life but what stands out is his soft side. Tony believes in giving back to the community through charity. He has helped children suffering from neurological conditions. It is peculiar to argue that Anthony’s life is worth admiring and emulating.

Small Beginning

What many people don’t know is the fact that Tony Petrello grew up in the humble town of Newark. He went to a public school in the town and did very well. He was lucky to get a scholarship to join Yale University. The university provided him with the opportunity to be mentored by the famous professor of mathematics, Lang Sang. This is where he derived the passion for arithmetic. After graduating from Yale University, Tony got the world astounded when he shifted his interest to law and enrolled at Harvard.

Career Highlights

In 1979, Mr. Petrello worked at Baker & Mackenzie Law Firm. He specialized in corporate law, and he was able to learn about arbitrary and tax regulation. He became a manager and partner of the law firm’s New York branch in 1986. His contributions to Baker and Mackenzie caught the attention of Nabors Industries. They approached him with an offer that he could not turn down. He joined them as a business executive and served as the CEO in 1991 and became President in 1982. Since then, Nabors Industries has experienced massive developments strides.


Generally, Tony Petrello’s name is mentioned and celebrated in the fields of business and charity. He is an established entrepreneur who has contributed a lot to the growth of Nabors Industries. His work goes beyond corporate governance and advisory service. He is integral in the overall running of the business.

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