Fabletics Is Proving They Know What They Are Doing In The Athletic Wear Business

Starting a business is difficult and starting a business online is that much more difficult. When you open a shop or business on the internet, there are hundreds of more stores just like your own. Finding a way to make your business stand out against the rest is what is going to make you or break you.


A business that mastered the way to bring in people to their business is Fabletics. The membership type of clothing store has become quite trendy since opening in 2013. The clothing membership business came to mind when people looked around the gym and seen nothing but black yoga pants. All the women in the gyms were wearing plain, unstylish clothes to work out in.


Fabletics with the help of Kate Hudson was inspired to make that change. The athletic wear that the women are now buying to go to the gym are patterns, floral, trendy and stylish. The various different types of athletic wear make it so that women of all sizes and ages feel good walking into the gym.


The membership type clothing line has people coming from all over to purchase the clothes. Each month you will receive a shipment with a new workout outfit inside. The clothes will be sent based on the lifestyle quiz you take. The quiz will help to determine which outfits are best for you and what ones to avoid.


When you are shopping for new workout gear, if you take your children to workout with you or they participate in working out with you, the FabKids line is great for making them feel good at the same time.


For Kate Hudson, it was a no brainer for her when she was approached to become the spokesperson for the brand. Kate spends a good amount of time each day working out. She wanted to help women feel better about themselves when they are in the gym. Not only did she want to help others feel better about themselves, she wanted to help bring style into the gym. Before Fabletics, the gyms were filled with members who had a limited number of style choices to work out in. Now, the gym is full of people who want to look good while working out and that can wear their workout gear to more places than just to the gym. That was another reason that Kate Hudson wanted in on the deal. She still maintains an active role within the company.