Eric Lefkofsky: Filling A Technological Void To Save The Lives Of Cancer Patients

ric Lefkofsky is a businessman who has created and is leader of many successful businesses including Groupon; however, what many do not know is that Lefkofsky is also a firm believer in philanthropy. Since Lefkofsky is so successful, he has many different ways to give back to community. He and his wife Liz jointly worked to start up the Lefkofsky Foundation. This foundation firmly believes in helping to improve the lives of others and helps fund many different areas to do so.

One area that the Lefkofsky Foundation funds and focuses on includes education, particularly programs that address middle and high school leveled education. The foundation also give monetarily to support programming for the cultural arts, as well as funding for human rights initiatives. The other primary area that both Eric and his wife Liz firmly believes in funding is medical research, especially cancer research.

Cancer research is near and dear to Eric and Liz’s heart. Liz was very active in the cultural art scene when she received a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. It was during her fight against cancer that Lefkofsky found out that there was no technological database that compiled anatomic and molecular data in one central place for easier access by oncology doctors and researchers. This led to the creation of Tempus. Tempus is a computer operating system that compiles information from medical systems that are scattered throughout the country and combines them in one central database. By having such a database, physicians can create more personalized treatment plans, such as the one that helped Liz successfully overcome breast cancer.

Eric has seen first-hand just how important it is for someone to recognize a gap in the care of others and figure out how to fill it in. It is without a doubt that Eric Lefkofsky will continue give to others through his philanthropy efforts.

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