Moving InnovaCare Healthcare to High Heights with Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health boasts of being a go-company in the field of healthcare management. It offers high-quality and unique healthcare services to the people or Puerto Rico. InnovaCare achieves its high objectives through various innovative providers’ networks models. Under the exceptional and skilled leadership of its chief executive officer Rick Shinto, the firm has transformed the management of the health care services.

It provides the Puerto Rico citizens with Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans that is amongst the best healthcare providers in the industry. InnovaCare has played a big part in the frontiers in the implementation and also the creation of cost-friendly and sustainable healthcare models. The healthcare models have unique design and manners allowing them to utilize the effective industry technologies fully. Additionally, these services are also availed to the members through the network that comprises of over 7500 provides nationally.

Richard Shinto serves the company with dedication, and he possesses unique combinations of various managerial skills.


Richard has worked as pulmonologists and internist for over 20 years and also boasts of having vast experience working in different clinical managed and operational care. Before he joined InnovaCare Health, Mr. Richard served at Aveta Inc as the chief executive officer and California NAMM as the chief medical officer and Medical Pathways as the chief operating officer. Check out


Richard Shinto worked as the corporate vice president at the med partners for three years gaining more skills and knowledge. Dr. Shinto went to the California University and graduated with the Bachelor of Science and later went to the New York State University for his medical degree. He then went to the University of Redlands for his masters in business administration. Richard has also written numerous articles that touch on issues surrounding health care and clinical medicine. Shinto career kicked off after being appointed at South California as a pulmonologist intern.


Penelope Kokkinides also plays a vital role at InnovaCare Health as an executive, where she works as the company Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope boasts of over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. She specializes in the management of the government programs namely Medicaid, Medicare, and managed care industry. Penelope has in-depth a profound knowledge working in the development of the control of the healthcare process and operations and also clinical programs. She focuses on appropriate and enhancing the efficiency of the organizational infrastructure. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Penelope Kokkinides joined the InnovaCare Health in the announcement made on July 28th, 2016 with three other additions. The others include Jonathan Meyers as the company chief actuary officer and principal accounting officer Mike Sortino.

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