Graeme Holm builds a debt reduction company in Australia


Graeme Holm is an Australian entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Infinity Group Australia. This company deals with debt reduction and business management. It was started in 2013 by Holm with assistance of Rebecca Walker. Both of them were working in the banking sector creating this company. Graeme Holm was annoyed by the poor deals that Australians were getting from the banks. He realized that the banks were not acting for the best interests of the people and that they were just in the business of creating supernormal profits from their customers. Banks do not offer financial guidance to their customers because they do not want an enlightened customer-base. Annoyed by the things that banks were doing, Graeme Holm left to create Infinity Group Australia, a company that enlightens Australian families about financial management and debt reduction.




After creating Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm has never been happy as he is now. Hundreds of Australians have so far approached his company seeking assistance. Those who joined earlier have already seen the benefits that come with joining Infinity Group. Families are no longer living on paycheck-to-paycheck and paying minimum loan amounts to the lenders. On average, clients working with this company are saving $41,000 in 12 months. The impact is so significant that clients are completing loan repayments that used to take one year, in three months.




Infinity Group Australia has in five years grown into an award-winning company. It recently received recognition from the Australian Financial Review for creating innovative financial solutions. It emerged number $58 among over 1,000 companies which were analyzed by the judging panel.




Graeme Holm shares some vital business tips with another entrepreneur that can help them to succeed as he has at Infinity Group.




Working with a schedule




Graeme Holm is very keen on his schedule. He starts his day with physical exercise before taking breakfast. He then feeds his brain some food by reading a book or even listening to a podcast. This routine ensures that his body is at its peak performance, physically and mentally. You do not have to replicate what he does, but you should make sure that you have a schedule that enables you to remain highly productive throughout the day.








At Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm is keen on ensuring that there is a collaboration between the management and the employees. Employees are encouraged to give suggestions on any ideas that they might have. The management is ready to listen and adopt those which are in line with the goals of the company.




Graeme Holm has a tip that he would like to share with all entrepreneurs, “surround yourself with creative and passionate people.” the kind of people you work and interact with will have a significant difference on how well you manage your resources and ideas.




Infinity Group Australia has recorded tremendous success in the first few years of its growth to the extent that it is being considered one of the fastest growing companies in the continent. Learn more: