Benefits of joining AIA according to Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a renowned professional in the architectural field. He is not only a member but also the leader of American Institute of Architects (AIA). AIA is a professional organization in the field of architecture. Robert Ivy insists that there are numerous benefits of joining this organization and believes that joining it could help propel one’s architectural career forward.

According to Robert Ivy, the organization can provide you with the educational resources that you need to learn more about your career objectives. The educational resources are also quite helpful to individuals who are new in the workplace. Additionally, joining the AIA provides people with networking opportunities. Its members can meet their peers as well as leaders in the industry – something that could open great opportunities in one’s career. Read more on Wikipedia

Being a member of this professional organization could also improve your lobbying power because it has the necessary resources. It also has the capability to see you achieve your industry’s interests. Robert Ivy observes that the architectural profession does not have as many members as compared to other occupations. Thanks to AIA, however, architects’ influence in society has increased. Visit his Twitter

Robert began his career as a writer, where he wrote articles related to architecture. He used to write articles that explored advancements in architecture. The pieces he wrote provided valuable information to other professionals in the field, thus helping them advance their careers. Later on, Robert became an editor.

Currently, he serves as executive vice president and chief executive officer of American Institute of Architects. He has held this position since 2011, and he brings in policies and management skills that ensure the organization runs smoothly. His contributions to the architectural field saw him win the Lifetime Achievement Award in April 2018. Read more on