The Success Story of Susan Mcgalla in the Male Dominated NFL

A lot has been said recently about the difficulties women face in obtaining high level executive positions with major corporations.

Apparently, Susan McGalla is unaware of all of this.

In an industry long dominated by men, an industry that had gross revenues in 2017 in excess of $8 billion, Susan McGalla has already made her presence known. She is the primary intelligence and the driving force behind a significant increase in the profitability of a very powerful organization within this particular industry; the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A Quick Look Back at Susan Mcgalla

With a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College of Ohio, Susan McGalla obtained a high ranking position at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. Over the next 15 years, she was largely responsible for an increase in the gross sales of the company from $340 million to more than $3 billion.

In 2013, Susan McGalla started her own consulting firm, known as P3 Executive Consulting, that focused on brand marketing and talent management; getting the right people in the right positions, for companies with a Wall Street Address.

Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers

Early in the year 2018, the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League decided they needed to revamp? their entire line of merchandise and their promotional methods as well. They realized that they were missing out on an extremely lucrative market; the female football fan.

Susan McGalla created partnerships with established brands such as; Victoria’s Secret, Nike Golf, Tommy Bahama, and Pandora jewelry. In addition to this, she has also created a major push to properly develop and utilization promotional strategies using all of the opportunities of social media.

With the advent of initiatives to create sponsorship programs for the development of women to enter into leadership roles, Susan McGalla hopes her success story will convince decision-making male executives to consider that the different perspective and connections of a female executive can translate to an increase in profits.