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ClassDojo Is Definitely The App To Use In Classrooms

ClassDojo is by far the most powerful new app that is allowing for parents and teachers to better work together to give students the education that they need. It’s incredible how far technology has gone to making this app a reality. ClassDojo in a nutshell is basically an app that both teachers and parents use collectively. The app allows for teachers to update parents on what their kid is doing through video and pictures. Everything from their accomplishments, class projects, and even to their small arts and crafts that they make, they are all able to be shared to the parents in an instant making it easy to keep updated always.

When parents need an update on what their kid is doing in class, teachers can send a message straight to the parent and it gives them this sense of connection to the parents. ClassDojo is so convenient if you are looking for a way to grow as a community and get the parents closer to the action of their child in school.

Most people worry about the usage of the app because they aren’t so sure how their information is going to pile up. It’s scary to think that a young child’s information can be shared or sold to a third party at any moment. Luckily enough, this brand strives towards making sure that information is not easily accessible. They are working closely within their security department to look closely on all aspects of the brand to make sure nobody gets the private information that is put in to the system. Parents and children are not going to have their info shared to anybody for any reasons; not even for testing anything.

ClassDojo is here to ensure safety and protection, alongside a strong app that can make change and help parents better understand their kids and what they are doing in class. ClassDojo is also very closely working with new ways to challenge students. Their current system has plenty of fun rewarding games in play to ensure that students are getting the rewards that they so rightly deserve by doing well in class. The app is making huge changes in classrooms all over.