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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Ready To Take Over The Dating Scene

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is ready to take over the dating scene. She has shattered the glass ceiling of what women can conquer in the technology space, in business leadership and in dating. She is the ultimate example of what women can conquer for themselves in their personal and professional lives. Bumble is more than just an app that allows people to scroll for possible matches. Instead, she has fused the demand for women to take control of their romantic lives into a dating app that is taking the world by storm. But Bumble is birthing more than the dating profiles of tens of millions of people. Bumble is birthing a female empowerment empire that includes a dating app, skincare company and anti-misogyny campaign. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at Forbes.

Whitney Wolfe plans for 2019 to be a big year for Bumble. Creating a skincare line is no easy task. Her efforts to create a skincare line that will champion female empowerment is her next goal for her female driven empire. The serums she is creating along with dermatologists and psychotherapists will work to aid both the skin and emotions of her female fan base. The names for these products will be :Break Up With Bad” and “Breakups and Breakouts.”

Female empowerment is what guides Whitney Wolfe. She has always been concerned with placing women at the forefront. Bumble is not her first technology creation. She has experience with working with another technology company. She left that company and decided to embark on the journey of creating her own company. This CEO has a goal of ending misogyny. She hopes Bumble is a platform and voice for other women who want to end misogyny. She is so passionate about ending injustices towards women she has met with lawmakers and works with them to pass legislations that will make it illegal for unsolicited genitalia photographs to be sent digitally. Whitney Wolfe is becoming a voice for this generation of women who want to fight injustices and who want to be boss busy ladies at the same time. Whitney Wolfe has a big year for 2019 that we’re all anticipating.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Making New Changes

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the courageous app, Bumble. This dating app has opened the door for countless people over the years because it is so strongly focused on giving women the power. Most women are annoyed by the gross messages they receive on Tinder and other apps and social media sites. They post a decent photo of them and instantly people will respond with perverted responses. Whitney Wolfe was tired of this so she made an app that would help eliminate this. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

Bumble requires that women and men match first, and then the woman must send a message to the guy in order for the match to stay saved. The reason behind this being so powerful is that men don’t get to be the first person to speak, and so women can kind of lead the conversation the way they want to. Bumble makes it possible to avoid having men send a gross message first. This helps eliminate the nasty comments.

Whitney Wolfe is always looking for ways to reinvigorate how the site being used. This is why their newest feature, the Snooze, is so great for the app. This feature lets you take a break from the app if you are currently on a break from using the app entirely. Whitney Wolfe does not want you deleting the app from your phone or deleting your account in order to breathe from it. Input the Snooze feature, and people will even be able to send a message personally to the people they match with saying they are no longer using the app at the moment but will soon.

Bumble is a very good app that wants to make it genuinely possible for men and women to have good experiences on the app. Men who want to find real connections can find it through Bumble. Whitney Wolfe was once in your position not being able to find someone right for her, but she eventually married that love is out there. She built Bumble in hopes that women can find the confidence to make the first move and have the power behind relationships.




Why it is Important for Market America Unfranchise Owners to Keep Up With the Business

One thing that people need to do when they are working with a company is keep up with the news. This goes even for the entrepreneurs and partners. Market America often has a lot of important events happening that people do not want to miss. One of the reasons for this is that people need to keep up with everything that is important to their accounts. For instance, there might be some rule changes that are very important to the client. After all, it is very common for people to engage in certain methods that were once considered acceptable only to get flagged for the same thing.

Another good reason for unfranchise business owners to keep up with Market America is that it helps them maintain a connection with the company. One good thing about this is that people may feel encouraged when Market America is celebrating. They may feel the drive to work hard so that they can perhaps be a large part of the next celebration. Also, the struggling unfranchise owners of Market America can learn something that is very important to their breakthrough. This can keep them from becoming discouraged and walking out on the whole activity.

Often times, it is the person who is the most engaged that is going to go places with the business. One reason is that a marketer who engages with people is going to be more comfortable with talking to customers. This can also help him with the selling of the products so that he will be able to grow his part of the business. Even with Market America, it is important to be highly assertive. The business world is very competitive. Therefore, the person who is doing a lot of work as well as looking at a lot of opportunities is going to be the one who cashes out with the most.

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Talk Fusion Changes People’s Lives For The Better

Since its inception nine years ago, Talk Fusion has risen to become the pre-eminent telecommunications products and services provider worldwide. Talk Fusion corporate vision is to help others and give back to the community. It’s a vision that impacts many. The driving force behind that vision is Talk Fusion’s CEO and Founder Bob Reina.

Standing by his conviction, “With great success comes greater responsibility,” Reina maintains a desire to help as many individuals in need as possible. He backs up his words with financial and medical support to countless humanitarian and animal causes, such as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and orphanages in Indonesia.

Bob Reina leads the charge of changing lives through actions with Talk Fusion and its international coalition of independent business associates around the world. He accomplishes this through a business marketing opportunity available to individuals. It’s an opportunity that allows individuals to change their lives for the better, through contemporary, trendsetting video marketing products.

Dedication and hard work are the core of success with the Talk Fusion business opportunity. Not limited to individuals, Bob Reina integrated a program permitting Talk Fusion independent associates to provide a free telecommunications account to a charity of their choice for free.

The free account provides the charity custom branding, and access to Talk Fusion’s video capabilities with email, newsletters, teleconferencing, and online registrations. With such accessibility, a charity or non-profit organization, one limited to a region or country, can extend their reach to a global level, promoting their mission further.

A testament to Bob Rein’s commitment to helping others is the volumes of letters he receives of the success stories of individuals who changed te course of their lives. The stories tell of receiving a second chance, earning money to resolve a family crisis and realizing the impossible is possible. These testimonials bring Bob’s vision into focus and sets a course for success.


Eric Pulier: Making a Difference In Business and In The Lives of Children

Two years ago, our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. There are really no words to covey the helplessness that parents feel when their child faces a potentially terminal disease. I think that our daughter took the news better than we did. Even though she did not completely understand what leukemia could do, she knew that she loved life and was going to live.

How could we tell our only child that her life was in danger? It is something that no parents want to tell their precious child. There was a lot of medication and treatments involved in her recovery. At times, we were afraid that it was too much and we were going to lose her. Thankfully, we had an excellent pediatric oncology team that was with us the entire journey. They encouraged us when we were about to lose hope.

While our daughter was in the hospital, we learned about some of the innovated computer programs that helped with her treatment. Thanks to excellent medical care and new technology, our daughter was declared in remission last year. She still takes medication and occasional treatments; however, her prognosis is positive.

After some research, my wife and I found that the company responsible for some of the diagnostic programs was founded by Eric Pulier. I recognized the name from The Painted Turtle Camp. Pulier is a board member of this wonderful camp for chronically-ill children. Our daughter got to attend last summer and had the time of her life.

Eric Pulier is a unique indiviual who has raised millions of dollars for the ventures he has founded alone or with partners. He has founded at least fifteen different companies. Pulier is a published author, public speaker, columnist, entrepreneur, technologist, and well-known philanthropist. Some of his ventures include Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, US Interactive, and TM Form. More Info On:

Also, he has invested in charitable organizations and venture capital funds. Some of these ventures include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Trident Capital. He has helped a lot of media and technology startups by investing in them. One of the many charitable organizations that Eric Pulier and his family are passionate about The Painted Turtle. He is also on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.


Using New Wikipedia Application to Navigate Places

Many people travel to different locales on a regular basis and are often in places that they are not familiar with. In order to help navigate locales more easily, many people will use sites such as Google and Wikipedia. While these sites are often very helpful there is yet another option you can use in order to more easily find your way around a given area. This option is known as Wikipedia Sights which provides you with an in depth source of more easily navigating unfamiliar locales. This site is a combination of Google maps and Wikipedia which will provide you with guidance and information necessary to get more out of your traveling experience. Since Wikipedia is a site that is so frequently visited, most people will feel very comfortable using a related site/application in order to learn more about a new area as well as locate a number of places of interest.

When using this new application known as Wikipedia Sights you will be able to use a few options called Nearby and HERE. Nearby and HERE feature maps that provide you with a layout of a place and help guide to you a number of locations that you may want to visit. In order to use this application you will need to pull up the Nearby option and then press the Wikipedia option. Once you complete this step you will then get a lot of key information about the places that you are close to. These places may include museums, landmarks, monuments and parks. They may also include places where public transportation is accessible which can help you more easily get around a city. Along with finding places you will also be able to use this application to get detailed descriptions of the various sites you may want to visit.

The new Wikipedia application known as Wikipedia Sights provides you with third party data collection maps. These maps will give show you the exact location of a site as well as access to more information. You can also find a location and then choose the Wiki pages to learn more about it. Using this application will help you not only locate a number of places but also learn more about them which can help you get a very enlightening experience on your trip. This is one of the more beneficial applications to use when visiting a foreign country. It will make traveling less stressful and frustrating and otherwise make the overall experience much better too.



Skout Scouts For Friends

It’s astounding how much has changed in the wake of the smartphone revolution of just the past few years. From work to play and even in the way we date and make friends, the smartphone, with its easy to use downloadable apps, has definitely had an impact on how our society functions.

One of the social apps that’s been part of the revolution is an app called Skout. As reviewed in an article in Adweek, Skout is a user friendly, intuitive app that allows people to scout around for connections with new friends, by finding them and reviewing the information on their Skout profile.

Skout has a grid graphic on its homepage that shows the faces of all the users who are currently using the site. On the left side there is a drawer that shows the online “Buzz” of what users are doing and talking about. To get in on the “Buzz,” users must login using their Facebook profile or with their email. A unique “Shake to Chat” feature connects users in a random fashion, so they can chat. Once a chat has gone on for over 40 seconds, the users’ profiles will be revealed so they can learn more about each other and decide whether to “continue their relationship.” Online, supposedly, or maybe even offline.

Scoring Points

One of the more unusual features of Skout is the way in which the app uses points, which must be purchased. Some of the app’s extras, like a “backstage” (more private) view of another user, or the flirtatious “Winkbomb” feature, can only be used by purchasing them with points.

Skout has a friendly feel and it’s easy to use, so there’s no question it’s a solid addition to the online friend connection world. Happy Skouting!

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