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Bernardo Chua Builds Empire Through Direct Selling

In the music industry Prince learned, long after the battle with Warner Bros. was over, that direct selling what the best way to earn the highest profits for your music. Bernardo Chua may not have not have a music career, but he could see the value in what Prince was saying. Chua would tap into the concept of direct selling and cut out the middle man. This would help him grow his empire with Ganoderma coffee.

Benardo Chua is the type of person that has made some interesting decisions along the way. He was innovative in his search a product line that was different than what was already on the market. He was educated at the University of East Manila, and it was during this time that he learned about the value of marketing. Bernardo also learned about the value of direct selling.

Over time he would build up his empire with gourmet coffee. The Organo Gold product line would prove to be one of the most exciting online products on the market. Gourmet coffee started the brand off, but it would only be a matter of time before other things like teas and healthcare products would also penetrate the market. Bernardo Chua knew how to take one thing like the Ganoderma mushroom and totally transform this into something of value. This is a mushroom that has been said to have healing agents, and it took someone like Chua to bring this from Asia to America and beyond.

There are people that may have some different ideas, but most of them do not have the ability to truly move products. This can be trouble for any entrepreneur. What he has done differently is campaign to people that recognize his products through social media.

Bernado Chua has taken the time to build up a product line that would continue to gain support from fans around the world. What he has done better than most people is combine social media marketing platforms with direct selling. This has allowed his brand to grow, and he still promotes directly through his Facebook and Twitter accounts.