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Neurocore came about with a dream to find out more about the brain and to have a better understanding of what it is that works to help treat people with brain conditions and with physiological conditions. The Neurocore company gathered as many of the brightest minds that it could interest and experienced with the brain. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The company spent years and thousands researching eventually falling into brain training and the wonderful effects that it can have on the brain and body. The brain training research ended up being a huge success. That research within a few years resulted in the company opening up clinics to treat people with conditions such as depression and anxiety with brain training. The clinic since then has opened up more and more as the company now has brain training clinics in two states with multiple clinics in each state and plans to move on to expand in the rest of the United States.


People are now coming from all over the country and sometimes the world just to get the brain training from Neurocore. The reason that people come from all over the for the training is because it helps them get rid of the ailment in which they have without having to live on medication and for some people the medication was not enough where with the brain training they can eventually get rid of it all together and have a great life. The Neurocore is doing something that no one else can do for people that have physiological problems hindering their lives and that is to give that life back to them through hard work and dedication the company is monitoring these patients to make sure their brain goes back to what a normal brain should through the painstaking time and treatments that are involved in brain training and everything that it entails. Read more about Neurocore at