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How Organo Gold Introduced a new Aspect to the American Coffee Culture

An article posted to the Internet recently discussed the increased popularity of coffee. What has become known as the coffee culture in America has rapidly expanded over the past 50 decades. Loosely translated, Wikipedia defines this culture as having an atmosphere conducive for social gatherings. Although there are many brands that have emerged in the presence of the American coffee culture, Organo Gold stands apart from the rest. While some of today’s top brand names in coffee have become well-known because of their association with specialized coffee cafes, Organo Gold has become known for the unique ingredients found in their gourmet blends. This includes an Asian root known as ganoderma.

The growing consumption of coffee by people living in America is sometimes broken down into phases. The first phase was the introduction of coffee as a beverage. The second phase incorporated the expansion of coffee through specially manufactured blends and marketing. This is when American brands of coffee began to emerge. It is also the time when new ways of brewing coffee were being created, which led to the formation of the Frappuccino. Organo Gold brought a new aspect to America’s coffee culture through the inclusion of ingredients that contained healthy benefits.

Although their premium blends of coffees, teas and supplements have become more well-known within the United States, there are other beneficial aspects about Organo Gold some people might not be aware of. One aspect is the way this company markets its products. Rather than go the traditional route, the team at Organo Gold offers income growth opportunities to anyone interested in becoming a distributor. Established in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, this company places an emphasis on bringing the natural nutrients found in the Earth to people around the world. The words that reflect the core values of this company include loyal, unified and entrepreneurial.

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David McDonald Leads OSI Group To Global Success By Holding True To Its Core Values

David McDonald started as a project manager at OSI Group. Upon his graduation from Iowa State University more than 30 years ago, he was hired at the large food processing company. He earned a B.S. in animal science, and he was recognized as an outstanding student at the university. David worked his way up the corporate ladder to his current position as President and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

David was born and raised in the Midwest, and he was brought up on a farm in the state Iowa. His roots are still deeply connected to his home-state. He supports his alma mater by offering student internships, with generous financial gifting, and more. OSI Group, a global supplier, maintains its international headquarters in Aurora, IL. The company is privately owned, and it is amongst the largest food processing organizations in the U.S. OSI Group is more than a century old, and it is also deeply rooted to its Midwest origins today.

The company has experienced tremendous growth under the insightful leadership of David McDonald. In its earlier days, OSI Group was mainly a meat processing company. It was started by a German immigrant, and he ran the business as the sole proprietor of a small butcher shop in Illinois. Decades later, the company expanded and began to open processing facilities in Europe and recently in China. David McDonald has been instrumental in its expansion efforts by building relationships with partnering companies. The company now has more than 20,000 employees, and it currently operates in over 18 countries.

Much of the company’s global success is in its efforts to cater to the local communities. They now offer much more than meat products, and OSI Group has expanded its menu of products to include vegetables, dairy, bread, condiments, and a variety of food business solutions. David McDonald understands that the company needs to be flexible and adapt to the local cultures to which they serve. David is committed to upholding the core values and principles of this proud American company as it has risen to its globally recognized level of success.


Steve Ritchie Helps Make Papa John’s Better

Since Steve Ritchie started as the CEO of Papa John’s, he’s made a lot of moves to turn the company around. He knows the right way to handle different situations and always tries helping people when he knows he can do things the right way. The company is better because of the work he does and that’s something that makes him want to keep doing better for everyone he works for. By focusing on how he can help and what he can do to give people better options, he knows there are things that will make him see options better. It also gives him the motivation to keep doing the right thing for all the customers who are a part of the company. He believes there are things he can focus on and that’s what makes him among the best CEOs in the pizza industry.

Even though Steve Ritchie sometimes struggled to make sure he could help people, he felt his position as the CEO of one of the biggest pizza companies in the nation gave him a chance to try something different. It was his goal to always do the best job possible while helping people understand what they needed to get from different situations. It also made him see the positive impact he could have on the community since he felt great about offering these options that would allow him to continue offering his expertise.

As part of his plans to “clean” the company up, Steve Ritchie knew there were things that would help him. He started out by apologizing to customers. He wanted them to know he cared about them and he cared about the way they felt. He also felt confident he could help people have a better understanding of the way the company worked. Since he made such a big effort to help people, Steve Ritchie gave himself the chance to redeem Papa John’s. Part of the work he does allows him to try and help customers. Since he knows how to work so hard at helping them, he can give them a positive experience.