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Wikipedia page on Equities First Holdings’ Growth and Expansion

Equities First Holdings (EFH); a worldwide stock-based lender offering full services to individual and commercial clients, achieved a double-digit and realized international expansion in 2013. It set a new record during that period with a 45 percent increase in fixed loans. Since it was founded in 2002, the company has continued to grow at an average rate of 30 percent annually. Most of this is a result of its partnership with Meridian Equity Partners; a leading advisory and investment firm in the world based in Sydney and London. Equities First Holdings also opened other offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok with a 50 percent increase of its workforce being realized in the process.

As the world calls for alternative capital sources, Equities First Holdings’ innovative lending process has proven effective through its more than 1,000 transactions. Thus, the company has become an attractive alternative to the costly margin or traditional loans. This is primarily because it accepts collateral shares from several exchanges across the world, enabling it to avail this groundbreaking solution to the new clients. With a top-notch team, Equities First Holdings easily provides exceptional client services, investment management, and operations. It continues to invest in its operations while experiencing a progressive rapid expansion in the industry. To know more click here.

The work and success of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the current President of Nabors Industries Limited. Additionally, Tony is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Nabors Industries Limited is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The organization was established in 1968. During its establishment, it was called the Anglo Energy Limited. Currently, the firm is a drilling contractor that specializes mainly on the drilling of S and P 500 oil, geothermal, and natural gas. The major places that the company works at are the Middle East, Africa, the whole of America, and the Far East.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries Limited in the year 1991. At the Company, Tony was elected to be a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee Board. Since joining Nabors Industries Limited, Tony has held various positions at the firm. He served as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to October 2011. Besides, he has also been functioning as the organization’s Deputy Chairman since the year 2003 and the President and Chief Executive Officer since October 2011. Furthermore, from June 2012 Tony has been functioning as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. Moreover, apart from serving the organization at various positions, Tony Petrello also supplies strategic planning initiative and direction leading to the firm’s achievements.

Before joining the firm in 1991, Tony functioned at a law firm called Baker and McKenzie from 1979. At the firm, Tony gained skills in matters related to international arbitration, taxation, and general corporate law. Tony Petrello studied at Yale University and the Havard Law School. At Yale University, he was honored with a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Moreover, at Harvard Law School, he received his Juris Doctor degree. Additionally, he serves as the director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company.

Tony together with his wife Cynthia had a baby girl called Carena in the late 1990s. When Carena was born she weighed 20 ounces and she suffered from a condition known as cerebral palsy. Due to the condition of his daughter, Tony Petrello has been committed to assisting other youngsters suffering from neurological conditions. As a part of his commitment, Tony donated 7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Hospital used the money to construct a complex named the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The Institute will be used for pediatric neurological care purposes. Furthermore, the institute will be used to nurse children, and offer hope to many families. At the hospital, Petrello serves as an associate of the Board of Trustees.

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The Innovative Business Leadership by Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal, was the global CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners since March 9th, 2015. During this time, she has helped the company push its revenue upwards by 21% by advocating risk taking. Lori believes that creativity isn’t just a talent but a behavior. She is also the CEO of the MDC Partner Network, a position she has been allowed to retain since becoming the global chief executive officer of CP+B. In her role, Senecal will oversee the global growth and manage the coordination of the firm’s eight international offices. She will also be responsible for the further development of the company on a global scale. Most of the success Lori has achieved has been because of her open mind approach to new technology and inventions.

Over the course of her widely successful career, she has developed strategic partnerships, and led many blue chip global accounts. These include but not limited to Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nestle. As the CEO of MDC Partners network, Lori has had the opportunity to work with the agencies that have been at the forefront in the implementation of the agenda of the MDC family.

As the global head of KBS+ she sparked a growth of the organization that saw it grow to a 250 person domestic agency with more than 900 global highly creative employees. She did this with innovative company business units centered on technology, start-up investment, and content creation.

In 2014, Lori Senecal was appointed to the board of MDC partners and named as a woman to watch by Advertising Age. Forbes also mentioned that she has been honored several times for her professional success. The AWNY Game Changer gave her the Quantum Leap Award for being a leader and innovator. In the last two years, she has acted as one of the chairpersons to the Isaac Awards, which honors invention in the industry.

Her responsibilities as the global CEO will include the provision of strategic counsel to agencies, resource identification and continuation of the growth and the deepening of the MDC agency model. This is a new role for the division, which was established a year before her appointment. Lori has done a lot for the company, and from the look of things, more is yet to come from her.

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Nathaniel Ru Targets the Youth

Nathaniel Ru is definitely an innovator that has proven that eating healthy can be fun. Sweetgreen is the restaurant that he has created, and he has become well known in schools. He has also been able to build an audience of consumers that are interested in music as well. He has been able to do this with the Sweetgreen Music Festival. It appears that Nathaniel Ru has targeted the youth because this is the generation that is most in need of a healthy alternative to fast food.


In America there are a lot of reports about obesity with young kids because many younger children are not very active. They have become a videogame and smartphone nation of children that spend a lot of time seated. When this is coupled with a bad diet of double cheeseburgers, pizzas and carbonated sodas it becomes obvious that this is a roadmap to obesity and a plethora of health problems. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru obviously isn’t going to save the world with Sweetgreen, but the fact that he wants to get farmers involved is a great first step towards a better menu for young adults. There is also a great marketing campaign that’s going on through technology that makes this company even more attractive. Learn more:


It would be difficult for Nathaniel Ru to promote Sweetgreen if he wasn’t connecting to the youth through the technology that they have become accustomed to. He’s doing this and that is why he made sure that Sweetgreen would have an app that would make ordering much easier. This is definitely a vital part of the success of this franchise because many young adults are impatient. The lines are getting long at the Sweetgreen restaurants because this is one of the few healthy alternatives. People that get the chance to order online through their app will have access to a better pick up experience because they don’t have to wait in the long lines.


Nathaniel Ru has also captivated the youth by staying on top of innovations. He came up with the concept of a cashless restaurant for one of the Sweetgreen spots, and many of the young adults that are only carrying plastic in the form of credit or debit cards are pleased with this. Many of them will embrace this because it makes their eating environment safer. No one is looking to rob a cashless restaurant so safety is increased.