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How Social Media Can Affect an Athletes Online Reputation

It has become a world of instant information and all people are continually in the eye of the world’s attention due to social media. As an athlete at any level, you are held to a different standard. Mistakes are shared almost immediately and they can ruin reputations in a matter of moments.

Real World Challenges
Athletes face the real world challenges of living a “normal” life in a world that is looking to capture any misstep on their always present camera phone. A discrete experimentation with marijuana can be captured and shared on twitter and the reputation of the athlete is ruined. The consequences of this type of microscope are that all athletes need to always be on guard of their behavior and who they are spending time around. Most kids can’t afford an online reputation firm like Five Blocks, so they’re left to handle the problem itself.

Control the Message
On the positive side, with a little effort and athlete can use social media to improve their reputation or safeguard how others speak of them. This is true for a professional, college or even high school athlete as well. Social media makes people be proactive in their social media presence. This means that instead of having someone you don’t know posting things about your life on social media, athletes are planning their activities and publishing them on social media on their own.

What is at Stake
In a world where one negative event on social media can cost an athlete a scholarship or endorsement opportunity. These are major financial events that can affect the experience that a person has in their life.