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ECU Endorses Brad Schneider For Re-Election

Every single election cycle the dark money groups circle like vultures overhead the Illinois 10th Congressional District — and it is because they know that Democratic Rep. Brad Schneider can’t be bought out like his Republican opponents. Schneider is an absolutely tireless worker for his suburban Chicago District, and in his re-election bid in 2018 he will be aided by the support of End Citizens United due to his steadfast refusal of dark PAC money that has infiltrated our electoral processes in recent cycles.

Illinois, like so many states, is trending bluer and bluer than ever — but that does not mean that Schneider and his campaign team are taking anything for granted. With powerful special interest groups out to try and defeat the Congressman, you can be certain he is thankful for the endorsement of a group like End Citizens United that has utilized their grassroots power to deliver some of the top upsets for Democrats in the 2018 election cycle thus far. As an incumbent, Schneider has a leg to stand on on this issue and he can make the honest case to voters that he has always been committed to putting the needs of the working-class above the greedy Corporate PACs who seek only to create more power for themselves. To put it succinctly: Brad Schneider is an honest reflection of his district, while his opponents are oftentimes no more than pawns for dark money groups.

End Citizens United, a powerful group created in March of 2015 with the goal of overturning the disastrous Supreme Court decision that allowed an influx of corporate money into our electoral system, knows they have a champion of their cause in Brad Schneider. With the power of ECU’s donor base and grassroots power combined with Schneider’s record of fighting for the working-class, all indications are that Schneider should walk away with a victory this November. Certainly, if the Democrats truly hope to utilize the purported Blue Wave to flip the House and the Senate, they will need to ensure that loyal and respected members like Brad Schneider sail to victory in a few months.

His effectiveness as a legislator and his undying support of ridding our system of dark money make ECU’s endorsement a seamless fit together. With these two groups together, even the most deep pocketed conservative groups have to be wondering if there will even be a path to victory in Illinois’ Tenth Congressional District.

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