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OSI Food Solutions And Their Careers

OSI Food Solutions has a number of job positions available for anyone seeking a career in meat processing or the global sector as a whole. You can apply online and expect to get an interview if you meet the qualifications for the position you seek. This would be good news as OSI is known to take very good care of their employees. This is a great place to work and advance yourself into a satisfying career. You will not be sorry that for wanting to work for such a dynamic company.

OSI Food Solutions has already expanded to have over 200,000, but they are willing to add more. As they buyout other food processing companies, they are adding jobs that are needed to keep those buyouts in operation. Also, you can live in another country or in another state to advance yourself further into what you like to do. OSI Food Solutions offers not only jobs but great benefits.

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You can work with a dynamic team of individuals, who are innovative in their approach to bringing about the best customer service experience to the clients that use them as their main food supplier. By joining an adventurous work environment, you will learn so much about the food industry and get to take part in making a difference in how it runs. This is not just a job or a career. This is global passion for wanting to supply the best quality meat for clients to buy and customers to enjoy. You get to have a hand in that.

Did you know that OSI Food Solutions won the 2016 British Award Globe of Honor? The British Safety Council gave the company the award for having the best management environment. They had sustainable operations that were healthy for the environment. Safety and health were their top priorities and they have met them head on. To care for the environment while using the best techniques in processing meat is definitely an accomplishment. It is not surprising that they were given this award. OSI has set the bar with very high standards to follow.


Duda Melzer: Championing for Family-owned Businesses

Family-owned businesses such as the Brazilian media conglomerate, Grupo RBS, are steeped in longstanding histories that are reflective of the family traditions and culture. Their strong culture background gives them an edge when it comes to leadership transition. However, strong culture and smooth leadership transition are not guarantees for success. Leaders of such entities such as Eduardo ‘Duda Mary’ Sirotsky Melzer have to make strategic decisions while drawing from their vast experience and academic background to steer such entities to financial and operational success. However, he first sharpened his skills in various companies where he held different management positions with significant success.

Career and Education History

In a report by Acaert, before taking over as the president and chairman of board of directors at Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer gained experience working as a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton in 2001 followed by a brief spell as a senior financial analyst at Delphi Corporation. He also worked at BoxTop Media before finally joining Grupo RBS in 2004 as its director general tasked with overseeing the company’s domestic market. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also has a strong background following his graduation from Harvard University with a Master of Business Administration degree. In 1988, he graduated from PUCRS with Business Administration degree.

Award-winning Entrepreneurship and Management

According to Globo, Duda Melzer’s meteoric rise through the ranks of Grupo RBS to become the company’s president and chairman has also coincided with his rise as a reputable entrepreneur. He founded e.Bricks Digital where he is currently serving as the chairman. He is also a partner Ventures and one of the investors in e.Bricks. His excellent entrepreneurial track record was feted in 2015 with an Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the family business category. The same year, he was awarded the Merit in Management Award in the private sector category. In 2015, he was included in the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

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