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Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Healthcare workers are in high demand. Healthcare workers are the people that take personal care of patients and help make a great difference in their life. Sussex Healthcare is now hiring people that are interested in starting a healthcare career or experienced workers that are simply interested in working for a well respected organization that provides plenty of opportunities for kind, caring, and industrious individuals to join the healthcare industry.

Sussex Healthcare is located in Sussex, UK. The organization operates a group of care homes in the community. Their specialty is providing health care services to elderly patients, dementia patients, patients with physical handicaps, patients with mental disabilities, and more.

Sussex Healthcare Background
A wide variety of job opportunities exist for anyone that is interested in working for Sussex Healthcare. Many of the job openings prefer people with some experience. However, there are plenty of jobs that provide in house training for the job applicant. This is an amazing opportunity for an individual to join the healthcare industry and receive free training. The fact is that Sussex Healthcare is an award winning organization that has provided critical care to people in their care homes for 25 years. Their individual centered service helps to provide a better quality of life for the people in their care homes. Recently, Amanda Morgan-Taylor joined the organization in the role of CEO or Chief Executive Officer.


Obtaining A Job At Sussex Healthcare
First it is advised that anyone seeking a job opportunity at Sussex Healthcare update their Resume. Updating a resume should give the job applicant ample time to review their skills and the skills that might match a present job interest. Next, visit the Sussex Healthcare job site online. Take the time to browse the new job opportunities, which are listed on the website. Sign up for email alerts too. The email alerts will deliver the latest job openings straight to your in-box.

Current Job Openings At Sussex Healthcare

Care Assistant – provide personal care to people in the care homes

Deputy Care Home Manager – Coordinate and manage activies at care homes

Team Leader – Care for younger adults with special needs

Care Assistant/Driver – to handle the personal and transportation care of people in the care homes

Housekeeper – to make sure that care homes are kept clean

Registered Mental Heath Nurse – provide medical care to individuals in care homes