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New caves discovered in Venezuela

The Amazon river is a force of nature that is unparelleled throughout the world. This wide river runs through a large part of South America, pumping millions of gallons of water to villages throughout Venezuela, Brazil, and other South American countries. All this water has a massive impact on the environment, and the Amazon has been flowing for hundreds of years. Because of the massive amount of water flowing through the mountains of South America, some interesting natural monuments have been created. Recently, geologists in South America together with Danilo Diaz Granados discovered a new natural wonder in the mountains of Venezuela.
The waters of the Amazon have cut huge caves throughout the mountains of Venezuela. When the river changes course, often these new caves are left exposed for scientists to explore. Geologists were extremely impressed with the beautiful caves that were exposed.

The caves are truly special. The walls of each cave is lined in pink quartz as seen on My Space photos posted online. People that walk through the caves are impressed by the stalactites throughout the caves.

Venezuela is home to some truly unique natural resources. This massive cave system just adds to the beauty that this wonderful country has to offer. People throughout this country can be proud of their natural resources.