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Stock-Based Loans at Equities First- Affordable Source of Business Capital

Equities First is a commonly known source of optional lending services, particularly from the beginning of the economic world crisis. As it gets a bit harder to borrow loans from traditional lenders, Equities First services have turned into hot zones where small businesses and potential investors seek their capital. The company is recognized and respected for its good reputation worldwide by offering special products at a time when most borrowers are getting turned down by banks. Al Christy is the Chief Executive Officer and CEO of the company and recently confirmed the increase in the number of borrowers seeking for stock-based loans and margin advances. Equities First is taking services closer to customers at a time when banks and other conventional companies have tightened their loaning criteria.

As indicated by Al Christy, stock-based loans come with multiple benefits. First, because they are affordable; secondly, borrowers enjoy higher loan to value rations, and thirdly, clients benefit from non-resource and non-purpose loan features that are not found in other companies. The firm’s services are also of extraordinary character and are customized to meet the best needs of their clients. Equities First stock loans are loved and well-known to establish a hedge during market instabilities, hence exposing investors to fewer risks. The non-recourse feature permits clients to walk away from any further loan reimbursements without being obligated to the lender while with non-purpose; investors can use their money as they wish.

Equity First dedicated firm providing technological lending services in different corners of the globe. The company started in 2005 and offers high-quality solutions to potential investors in need of non-purpose capital. The global leader in stock loans has working offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok, London, and South Africa. The firm is devoted to offering unique investment solutions while providing product establishment to offer borrowers affordable liquidity proportions via secure mechanisms.

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