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Nation Title Clearing Inc. Addressing Title Defects

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has made property reports readily available with online ordering, which has been an issue for some time now. People in the real estate industry have had concerns regarding title defects. Some think that the matter causes wrongful foreclosures and other people believe that the issue contributes to stagnation of what would have been a smooth transition of property within the secondary market. Executives of the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) property records reduce the risk of buyback or inability to foreclosure, and they hold the key to making sure there is a clear title conveyance.

NTC is a leading research and document-processing provider for financial industry and mortgage. NTC recently launched an updated website that makes property reports available online in a bid to ensure that the process of securing property reports becomes simple. Title defects occur when an entity or individual lays claim to an asset that is owned by someone else. However, other factors can cause title defects, and the factors include:
• Failure to follow filing and recording procedures when recording real estate documents
• Simple issues that do not comply with real estate standards in an area with wording in the document
• Failure to remove liens and other encumbrances also cause title defects. Make sure that the title is free of encumbrances
• Failing to include the signature of a significant party like a spouse to the transaction

For these reasons, John Hillman, the chief executive officer of NTC advises that it is important to address title defects before selling or transferring property. NTC has provided the following property reports through online ordering in a bid to help the evolving mortgage industry:
• Tax status report
• Assignment verification report services
• Tax status report
• Current owner report

NTC has a goal to offer a fast, step-by-step and straightforward process of securing asset reports. John Hillman said that the company’s asset report services are based on research usually carried out from actual land records, and people can access the reports for any residential asset all over the nation. NTC gets data from several sources during its research process, mostly the counties. NTC has been able to successfully service most large lenders in the United States because the data they obtain includes automation couples with human verification.

About Nationwide Title Clearing
NTC offers post-closing services including final document tracking, lien release, document retrieval, property reports, imaging, and assignment services for the residential mortgage industry. The company was launched in 1991 with its headquarters located in Palm Harbor, FL. As at 2014, NTC had revenue of $30.6 million with a growth rate of 80% within a period of three years. NTC plans to open a new office in Dallas, Texas this month. The new office will also include a new data center.

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