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Taking A Chance: Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a man who knows the meaning of taking a chance and having it work out. He is a man who is optimistic about each day and makes sure not to waste time. If it had not been for a friend of his he would not have the hotel empire that he has today. He has worked hard to become one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Brazil as well as South America. He loves sharing the experiences he has had with other people. This is how he got to the top of the entrepreneurial heap according to Chronicle Week and Ideamensch.

Guilherme Paulus knew that he wanted to go into the business world since he was young. He knew he had to work hard to achieve his dream and that is exactly what he did. He graduated from the university with a degree in business administration. This was only the beginning. He started work at IBM and met a friend that would change his life forever. His name was Carlos Vicente Cerchiari and he wanted to bring tourism to Brazil.

That was the beginning of a big leap of faith for Guilherme Paulus. The company was called CXC and they worked together for four years. When he took over the company after Cerchiari left his vision went into overdrive. He saw a market for his service s and went for it. The company prospered and now has more than one thousand stores throughout Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus participa da 2ª edição do CVB Talks. Guilherme Paulus says that he is grateful for each day that he gets to work with people. He feels that a positive attitude will help people go very far in life and he shares that philosophy with his coworkers in the business. He says that keeping things in order and writing things down really help him keep on track each day. It is the perfect way to stay productive in the business world.

Guilherme Paulus is proof positive that a person can achieve their dreams by working hard and staying positive. This has helped get to the top of the business heap and then some.

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Matt Badiali’s Financial Advice on the Condition of the Copper Market

Matt Badiali is a financial specialist who specializes in the commercialization of natural resources. His publications on the topic of natural resource utilization have gained more influence in the field of finance in recent years. Matt Badiali describes the Copper market as being unstable and “out of whack” this is due to the forces of demand exceeding the supply in the market, thus, creating a deficit in the market.

However, the prices of copper have not increased yet as investors do not see any sign of the price increase. According to the understanding of the market forces, Matt Badiali attributes the market performance of the copper industry to the emotions of the traders. He notes that the effects of demand and supply not only affect the market but the feelings, and the behaviors of the traders play a critical role. This includes the fear that the prices would create a trade war with China together with the hopes that the market would naturally gain balance as evident when unnatural events occur within the market. Projection models on the market of natural resources, however, fails to project for such kind of forces in the market.

Matt Badiali notes that for the copper market to reach this state, it is possible that the problem began a long ago between 10 to 15years. Thus, the significant bull market, which is characterized by a price increase of commodities is speculated to result in mining companies breaking the rules by taking measures such as investing a large amount of money on low-grade projects. The investors will suffer a blow as the prices of the copper will feel the loss that comes with this kind of situation. Thus, more companies have been declared bankrupt with far-reaching effects on the companies that produce the copper.

Matt Badiali, however, notes that more electric companies have shifted their attention to solar power and wind energy as the potential for the declining copper industry. Electric cars are considered a thing, and this means that they require more copper. The dwindling copper supply would be revived by enterprises, which produce goods such as fridges, batteries and other home appliances reviving the once dying industry.

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Richard Liu’s Tactical Way to the Top

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a successful Chinese entrepreneur who has secured his way to the top through hard work, determination and resilience. According to Richard Liu, challenges are opportunities that have not presented their selves. That is why when a career in the restaurants and health product business failed, he never gave up. Instead, he soldiered on by opening his first store in Beijing that dealt with the supply of computer parts in the year 1998. Within a short period Richard’s store, known as Jingdong, started attracting a lot of loyal customers due to its quality services and products. The growth of his market percentage made Richard Liu to open twelve other stores in different parts of Beijing in order to attract more customers.

The Birth and Growth of

Richard Liu was able to make many sales within a short period after starting business because of his value in quality customer service. Liu has always insisted that customers determine the future of one’s business. That is why he has always been strict to his employees when it comes to customer service. However, the SARS outbreak in the year 2002 made Jindong’s customers and employees stay indoors which made it difficult for Richard Liu’s business to go on supplying his products. Although this was a major stumbling block to the future of the company, Liu came up with a way of turning his challenges into a great opportunity.

That is when was born which operated through e-commerce. Richard Liu decided that if his clients would not come to him, then he had to find a way of going to them. After a short period, had already taken the online market of China with an alarming speed. Through his hard work and determination, Richard Liu was able to take his company to the top in China’s e-commerce market. He has also been able to get into the international market in the e-commerce sector.’s recent venture into the package delivery sector has also created more platforms for the company to pull more customers as well as making superior returns.

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Anil Chaturvedi’s successful career in the banking industry.

Anil Chaturvedi is a sort after banker with about forty years’ experience in the financial world. Anil currently serves as the managing editor at Hinduja Bank. In the years he has worked in the institution, Anil has helped to raise the standards at Hinduja Bank, the institution has also become more popular owing to his exceptional skills in marketing.


In the last couple of years, the trade laws in India have changed, and Anil has been trying to promote trade relations between India and European countries.


Anil has worked in many financial organizations and has over the years gained a lot of helpful skills. He has also been able to study the economic trends in the world, and this has helped increase his popularity as a financial expert. He is also a financial advisor in both the public and private companies. Many institutions have used his suggestions to raise and increase their returns.


Anil Chaturvedi’s career journey.


Anil attained his undergraduate degree in economics from Meerut University, and later joined Delhi University where he received his M.B.A. Anil completed his Master’s degree at an early age but was ready to practice what he learned in school. Anil joined State Bank of India and was in charge of marketing as well as business development.


In his time at State Bank of India, Anil worked closely with the New York branch, and in four years he helped the organization grow their business to a value of about $500 million. This great success helped earn him man of the year at the organization and became the beginning of new and greater opportunities for Anil.


In 1991, Anil Chaturvedi joined ANZ Grindlays Bank in the United States. Where he was appointed as the vice president and ran the operations in the organization. Anil worked in this institution for several years and later moved on to Merrill Lynch where he worked for more than one and a half decade. Working at Merrill Lynch helped him gain a lot of experience and serving in senior positions also helped open his eyes to some of the things happening in the banking sector.

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Fortress Investment Group and Capital Markets Assistance

Fortress Investment Group, LLC is the moniker of an investment management firm that’s located in New York, New York on the East Coast of the United States. It was launched at the end of the nineties. That’s when it was considered to be a private equity company. Its various founders are named Randal A. Nardone, Wesley R. Edens and, last but definitely not least, Rob Kauffman. Some of Fortress Investment Group, LLC’s subdivisions are Paratus AMC GmbH, doBank and Intrawest.This international investment player has roughly $43.6 billion total assets now. It handles these assets on a daily basis. It does so for more than 1,750 clients. Its client base is a mix of international private investors and institutions. Fortress Investment Group, LLC works on all types of permanent capital investment techniques.

It works on all kinds of private equity, real estate and credit matters as well. The team members who work for this firm care strongly about investments and their performances overall. They work in a painstaking manner to help their clients do well. Fortress Investment Group has 953 people who work in its asset management department. It has 216 individuals who work in its investment sector, too. These people work in the Big Apple. They work in branches all over the vast planet as well.Fortress Investment Group has a lot of savvy that involves its massive industry. It invests in fields that it fully comprehends and grasps. The firm’s investment specialists have strong ties with all kinds of global institutions and agencies. The people who represent Fortress Investment Group are well-versed in all topics that involve capital markets and how they function.

Its professionals know how to get their hands on affordable financing plans that can accommodate all of their investments perfectly. They know how to reach equity capital and debt sectors without issue.Operations management is another big focal point for the staff at Fortress Investment Group. The company has put together an assortment of devices that have the ability to evaluate all types of strategic, structural and operational dilemmas. It has devices that enable it to participate in exhaustive investments. These devices enable it to get a lot of assistance from many intricate investments as well.Peter L. Briger, Jr. works in San Francisco, California. He’s Fortress Investment Group’s Co-Chief Executive Officer and Principal. Randal Nardone works in New York City and is its Principal.


Peter Briger A Natural Leader With The Future at Heart

Peter Briger A Natural Leader With The Future at Heart

With various leadership positions that he has held or currently holding, Peter Briger is a natural leader and big name in the cooperate world. His academic credentials include a Bachelors of Arts from Princeton University and a master’s in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business in the University of Penn. He has served in many leadership positions in many organizations like Goldman, Sachs & Co, International Finance Cooperation, and Linktone Ltd among others.Peter Briger currently is a co-Chief Executive Officer, a member of the board and a principal at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Company is a company that has for over two decades made a name for itself in managing investments for its clients. It manages assets, mitigates risk and maximizes the benefits for clients.

Vital among its successes in investment plans is the leadership in which Peter Briger is a crucial member. He is hugely involved with the Credit business side of the organization.Employees are working for Fortress rate highly working for the company. They have praised the environment that allows Interns to learn as quickly as possible and learn the culture and traditions of the company with ease. The employees further have lauded the leadership team for their efforts to ensure the employees are compensated fairly and on time. Moreover, the employees are proud of the intensity with which the results are sought for the benefits of the clients.After the maiden entry of Wall Street to the cryptocurrency business –Bitcoin – Peter acknowledged how strategic the move was. According to him, the future of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin was the future of the financial industry.

That the interaction was just but the first step for the better financial market.Peter Briger recognizes that part of being a leader is helping the next set of leaders grow. He, therefore, supports the Global Fund for Children. This supports the children in their search for education and prepares them for the future leadership. Besides, together with two other alumni of the Princeton University, he supports the alumni of Princeton School of business by providing funds for their start-up companies and provides the advice and consultation for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee.Peter has set himself apart as an icon in the cooperate world. He also continually focuses energies on learning and finding better solutions for challenges to solve client issues. He has cultivated a winner mentality and a heart of building the next leaders.


Ted Bauman Explains Why Debt Should Be Taken Care Of

Benjamin Franklin wrote a famous quote that nothing is certain except death and taxes. This shows us that taxes have been on the minds of people and politicians for hundreds of years. In recent days and weeks, much of the news has been about the Republican tax bill. Lawmakers are obsessed with taxes and tax reform. However, there is something that is more important than taxes, according to Ted Bauman.

First of all, why do people care about taxes at all? The answer is that taxes drain our wallets. They take away money that we can be spending. Many middle-class Americans spend 15% or more on taxes. However, Ted explains that there is something else that is more important than taxes because it drains your wallet more than taxes do.

This thing is debt and credit. The fact is that the economy in the United States is based heavily on debt and credit. People use credit and credit cards to buy many things. Think about what the situation would be if people only paid cash to purchase things on If that were the case, people would not purchase as many things and would look for lower-priced items, houses, cars, etc. This would cause prices to go down. In other words, debt and credit are driving up prices and taking money out of our wallets.

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This is a never-ending cycle. People are in bed so they borrow money. Once they borrow money they are in more debt. It is a big business for wealthy people. They lend people money and make money off this lending. With the extra money that they made, they lend more money. Prices continue to go up.

There are many forms of debt. Mortgages, student loans, and other loans are all forms of debt. Disposable income has gone down and the costs of those loans have gone up. More and more Americans have more debt than disposable income according to In fact, in 2016, debt growth exceeded disposable income growth. The truth is that instead of focusing on taxes, lawmakers should focus on reducing debt. They should focus on stopping the never-ending vicious cycle of debt and lending and credit.

Ted Bauman is an expert at Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing focuses on asset protection, investing, and entrepreneurship. Ted Bauman is an editor there, and he lives in Georgia.

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