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Rocketship’s light of education

Every successful person will tell you that education played a big part in getting them where they are. Even if they are not practicing in the field they studied, having a collage certificate is probably the reason why that door opened in the first place. Every educator will tell you that what brings the difference between those who got educated in school and those who did not is the opportunity.

Years ago, San Jose was considered to be a land of equal opportunities for all. Both rich and poor. Over the years, the gap between the rich and poor has widened with the rich getting the best there is in terms of services- including education- and the poor ending up with worse. This resulted in a lot of people missing out in college education, especially those who could not afford private education. The missing out on college has been credited to the inferior quality of education received in these children get at the public schools.

Because of this difference, rocketship education, a non-profit network of public schools, has decided to even out the playground of education. This NPO works with community organizations, educators and parents to bring back equity in the education system. They do this by enabling public schools to have the same facilities other schools have. This enables San Jose’s low income communities to attend school despite their financial background and get the same services they would have if they went to a more expensive school.

Through rocketship, several business leaders have stepped forward to help bring back equity in San Jose’s education system. Netflix CEO Reed Hustings recently gave out 100 million dollars towards this venture. In his speech, he said the 100 million will be used to support education locally. This will go a long way in establishing mores schools and equipping them. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have also committed themselves to helping these schools get ahead in technology, they have donated engineers who will develop a sophisticated learning platform for students.

By evening out the education field, rocketship education offers a great number of students an opportunity to have brighter feautures.