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OSI Food Solutions Continues Quality

OSI Food Solutions, a food processing company, continues to produce and supply food products to food service and retail brands. The company offers global product categories for beef, pork, poultry, bacon, sous vide, pizza and baked snack, and hot dog and sausage processing. Recently the company has branched out into the fried food, sandwich, kettle product and entrée specialty assembly. Founded in 1909, OSI Food Solutions is based in Aurora, Illinois with presence within the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Read more on

“We are positioned very well in that we have a global network, literally with people from our organization in offices or plants all over the world,” stated David McDonald, president of OSI Food Solutions. The Group holds position in more than 50 facilities over 17 countries: with new plans for continued expansion into the Chinese foodstuffs market. Global-efficiency with local-solution strategy continues as bywords for the Group’s mission for quality service. As OSI has operated in China over 20 years, Chinese market expansion now is geared to eight factories with two new facilities under construction. As of FY2018, OSI is the largest poultry producer in the nation. Current, OSI China serves onsite clients such as such as McDonald’s, Yum, Starbucks, Saizeriya, Papa John’s, Burger King and Subway. Per McDonald, “We have some great customers in China who are experiencing tremendous growth and we want to keep up with them.”

OSI launched, expanded or announced plans for seven new processing and production facilities around the globe for FY2019. Among these facilities includes expansion into Poland, Chine and India. Because OSI Food Solutions carries a vegetarian and vegan product line, its’ new frozen foods processing plant in Madanapalle, India will focus on vegetable product manufacture. OSI vegetarian options gear to the quick-service restaurant and retail specialty niche.

The Group is committed to continued safety and quality best practices. OSI Group partners with equipment manufacturers to develop processes that aid in food safety and quality. For example, processing machinery with built-in X-ray equipment successfully detects foreign particles. Additionally, its’ quality assurance division carefully monitors animal and vegetable growth for safety oversight.