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OSI Food Solutions And Their Careers

OSI Food Solutions has a number of job positions available for anyone seeking a career in meat processing or the global sector as a whole. You can apply online and expect to get an interview if you meet the qualifications for the position you seek. This would be good news as OSI is known to take very good care of their employees. This is a great place to work and advance yourself into a satisfying career. You will not be sorry that for wanting to work for such a dynamic company.

OSI Food Solutions has already expanded to have over 200,000, but they are willing to add more. As they buyout other food processing companies, they are adding jobs that are needed to keep those buyouts in operation. Also, you can live in another country or in another state to advance yourself further into what you like to do. OSI Food Solutions offers not only jobs but great benefits.

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You can work with a dynamic team of individuals, who are innovative in their approach to bringing about the best customer service experience to the clients that use them as their main food supplier. By joining an adventurous work environment, you will learn so much about the food industry and get to take part in making a difference in how it runs. This is not just a job or a career. This is global passion for wanting to supply the best quality meat for clients to buy and customers to enjoy. You get to have a hand in that.

Did you know that OSI Food Solutions won the 2016 British Award Globe of Honor? The British Safety Council gave the company the award for having the best management environment. They had sustainable operations that were healthy for the environment. Safety and health were their top priorities and they have met them head on. To care for the environment while using the best techniques in processing meat is definitely an accomplishment. It is not surprising that they were given this award. OSI has set the bar with very high standards to follow.


The Secret behind the Success of Sheldon Lavin

The success of every firm is determined by the ability of the leaders to navigate through the harsh conditions that the company experiences. It is, therefore, crucial for the board of directors to carry out exclusive research to see that the individuals in this positions are the best for the company. Well, the OSI Industries are lucky to have a valuable Chief Executive Officer who have believed in their dreams all along.

Sheldon Lavin always had a dream of having a chain of companies that specialized in the distribution of food products. We are constantly told that to be successful, we first have to know the people we need to become to get where we want to be. For Sheldon Lavin, he had to become a financial consultant to live his dream.

Lavin says that when starting something for the first time it’s normal to be afraid. He says that he felt incompetent, like the task ahead of him was far beyond the abilities that he had. However, the only way to know was doing it do, so he plunged in any way. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Luckily, it was not long before his firm became profitable. McDonald says that this early success gave him confidence in himself. Sheldon Lavin says that one secret he discovered that led to his victory was investing in large scale helps in minimizing costs. As much as it may be a big risk, with a great strategy, it helps in reducing the costs because the firm gets to enjoy the economies of scale.

Everyone has habits that contribute to the people they become; good or bad. Sheldon Lavin says that it is hard to point out one practice that makes him productive. He, however, says that one factor that has contributed to his success is his ability to plan. He says that he developed the habit of making decisions considering how they would affect his future when he was still a kid. He is a great planner, an art that helps him in predicting what he may be up against and prepare for it.

The other factor that contributes to the success of every organization is the level of creativity and innovation. Being inventive helps in differentiating the products of your firm from others in the market. Sheldon Lavin says that one attribute that has helped in boosting his innovation is humility. He says that he ensures that he is open to suggestions from everyone in the company. It is all about believing in other people’s thinking.

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Nathaniel Ru Targets the Youth

Nathaniel Ru is definitely an innovator that has proven that eating healthy can be fun. Sweetgreen is the restaurant that he has created, and he has become well known in schools. He has also been able to build an audience of consumers that are interested in music as well. He has been able to do this with the Sweetgreen Music Festival. It appears that Nathaniel Ru has targeted the youth because this is the generation that is most in need of a healthy alternative to fast food.


In America there are a lot of reports about obesity with young kids because many younger children are not very active. They have become a videogame and smartphone nation of children that spend a lot of time seated. When this is coupled with a bad diet of double cheeseburgers, pizzas and carbonated sodas it becomes obvious that this is a roadmap to obesity and a plethora of health problems. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru obviously isn’t going to save the world with Sweetgreen, but the fact that he wants to get farmers involved is a great first step towards a better menu for young adults. There is also a great marketing campaign that’s going on through technology that makes this company even more attractive. Learn more:


It would be difficult for Nathaniel Ru to promote Sweetgreen if he wasn’t connecting to the youth through the technology that they have become accustomed to. He’s doing this and that is why he made sure that Sweetgreen would have an app that would make ordering much easier. This is definitely a vital part of the success of this franchise because many young adults are impatient. The lines are getting long at the Sweetgreen restaurants because this is one of the few healthy alternatives. People that get the chance to order online through their app will have access to a better pick up experience because they don’t have to wait in the long lines.


Nathaniel Ru has also captivated the youth by staying on top of innovations. He came up with the concept of a cashless restaurant for one of the Sweetgreen spots, and many of the young adults that are only carrying plastic in the form of credit or debit cards are pleased with this. Many of them will embrace this because it makes their eating environment safer. No one is looking to rob a cashless restaurant so safety is increased.