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Paul Mampilly- brilliant investor and author of the Profits Unilimited newsletter

Paul Mampilly is a professional in the financial sector who left his role in the industry so that he could concentrate on imparting knowledge about investment to the most important group of people; Main Street Americans. Paul who had worked in the Wall Street for the last two decades left because he felt that he was only helping a few wealthy American to continue making millions every year when a majority of those who were trying to make the right investment decisions were not in the Wall Street. It is at this juncture that he decided to use the rest of his time to help the majority. Today, he is the author of a number of investment materials which offer advice to investors who are interested in learning from him. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly has had a great career. He has worked for the best there is. He has been to the biggest financial institutions such as the ING, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Scotland among many others. He has helped them manage millions with great success. He has also been to the Wall Street where he has enabled a hedge fund to be ranked as the best gainer in 2006. Paul Mampilly has also won the Templeton Foundation award. Here, he competed with the best in the industry and emerged the winner.

Basically, Paul Mampilly has been to the furthest a professional in the financial sector would ever wish for. He has conquered the markets, and that is why he is one of the greatest financial advisers today. Many times he will appear on business media such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business news among others. His opinion on different financial matters is something of concern to the industry. Visit to know more.

Today, Paul Mampilly is the author of a newsletter known as the Profits Unlimited which has a huge following. This newsletter offers advice to investors on the opportunities that are available in the financial sector. The newsletter is produced via the Banyan Hill Publishing, a publishing house that is churning out investment material in different sectors on the economy. Paul is the expert to follow for stock market investments. He has been in the industry long enough, he has succeeded and therefore when he gives his opinion on a certain matter, it deserves to be taken seriously. Through the Profits Unlimited, he has made it possible for ordinary Americans to make investments which are well rewarding.