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Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner Goes Off Without a Hitch

Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief, two of the faces of the Ubuntu Fund, just hosted the Ubuntu Fund’s 10th Annual Gala Dinner. Their goal was to bring in another year of celebration for the important work their charity is doing in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. The Ubuntu Fund has been focused on bringing health services and financial aid to at risk children living in South Africa and this charity dinner was to exclusively focus on their Port Elizabeth campus. Rolfe and Lief’s goal was to raise nearly $1 million through donations by way of the 300 guests in attendance.

The Ubuntu Gala Dinner was focused on bringing back a slice of South Africa to the guests in attendance. This took the form of authentic South African food, a Xhosa Choir, and a few guests who had directly seen their lives benefited from the work that the fund has done. Of course, there was also a fast paced auction featuring a variety of great prizes that are all related to South Africa. The Port Elizabeth campus alone helps more than 2,000 children who are t risk so this was an important night and everybody involved took it very seriously.

The auction was probably one of the most exciting moments of the entire dinner. Charlie Ross, a British auctioneer, hosted this portion of the event. There was a wide array of prizes to bid on including a trip through South Africa, paintings by Nelson Mako and Dom Pattinson and more. The auctions alone raised nearly $40,000 in funds for the charity.

Easily the highlight of the night was the introduction of Sinesipho Rabidyani, a young woman who was introduced to the Ubuntu Fund as a kid and immediately saw her life reformed. Rabidyani told a heartbreaking story of her life with a drunk father who abused her and her mother. Rabidyani went on to detail how the Ubuntu Fund came to her aid, giving her the support structure she needed in order to pursue a better life. Rabidyani ended up getting a scholarship through the Ubuntu Fund and is now attending law school. At the end of the night the Ubuntu Fund raised nearly $750,000.