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OSI Group Meets Consumer Needs through Ethical Means

The food production sector has been proven to affect all individual in an economy from the less fortunate to the most privileged. Various individuals with different needs get satisfaction from the OSI Group. This is a firm that is well recognized in over 10 countries. This has been done to ensure diversification in both products and customers. OSI Group also gives individuals a reason to smile since jobs have been created for the youths. This organization is more of a private enterprise since the government has neither shares nor a say in the management. OSI Group has also been selling goods to consumers usually in small quantities that are not meant for resale.

One of the aspects that have assisted this firm in being a world-class business is its practices in producing products that are of high quantity and quality. The management has managed to come up with a way of reaching their customers in good time. They are also in a position to interact with their consumers and address their issues immediately. OSI Group has taken the initiative of ensuring that all customer’s needs are met irrespective of their different living standards. Behind the successful business, we see today lies a great story. It all started with a meat-selling point that was by then so unstable. This business was set up specifically as a way of giving back to the community. Ideally, Kolschowsky was behind this workable action plan.

After some time of establishment, it was evident that the customers had now gained confidence in this business. As a result, expansion came in whereby the management embraced selling of goods to merchants usually in large quantities. They also agreed to sell goods to other retailers for resale purposes. It was at this point where the business acquired a new name which was Otto & Sons. The formation of this new brand name brought transformation as well. In a way customers, suppliers and other business partners become attracted to this very firm. The excellent reputation was selling all over. When Ray Kroc initiated his restaurant, he entered into contact with the Otto & Sons as the beef supplier.

Look Younger the Healthy Way with Jeunesse Global Products

Jeunesse Global is redefining youthful look through its products that are offering life-changing opportunities. The products are designed in a unique synergistic way that focuses on adult stem cell, telomere support, DNA repair, and nutrigenomics. They are exceptionally designed to offer skin care and natural health supplements. This enables the user to look much younger and healthier.


Youth Enhancement System


Jeunesse features a Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) that makes use of antioxidant ingredients and stem cell innovation for repairing the DNA. This product feature aids in generating new and strong skin cells. YES stimulates cell rejuvenation at a cellular level. They also have a luminesce feature that increases collagen and skin elasticity. The new cells offer a vibrant appearance and a healthier glow to your complexion. YES, effectiveness is due to the freshness of cells at a molecular level.


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The major product line of Jeunesse Global is Luminesce personal care. It consists of products that restore and strengthen skin the cells. Luminesce is a product line that increases the appearance of the body to look youthful. The prestige skin care products offer high-quality personal care to the user. In fact, generation of new cell is important for the development and growth of an individual. It ensures the users can maintain a healthy and youthful look. Various Luminesce products are responsible for reducing aging of the stems cells in the body. This helps to reduce the saggy complexion and dull looks. Application of these products in the body allows skin cells to accept nutrients and remove toxins found in the skin.


About Jeunesse Global


Jeunesse Global is a nutritionally-minded company started by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. They distribute various anti-aging skin care products and nutritional supplements. Jeunesse is based in the United States with offices in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The culture of the company is based on the core values and integrity of the founders. The company utilizes a cutting-edge platform that enables sharing of personal care innovative products. Originally, the two founders were highly into network marketing. While starting the company, they had a clear vision to create an efficient distributor network that offers a high-quality product line.

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Why it is Important for Market America Unfranchise Owners to Keep Up With the Business

One thing that people need to do when they are working with a company is keep up with the news. This goes even for the entrepreneurs and partners. Market America often has a lot of important events happening that people do not want to miss. One of the reasons for this is that people need to keep up with everything that is important to their accounts. For instance, there might be some rule changes that are very important to the client. After all, it is very common for people to engage in certain methods that were once considered acceptable only to get flagged for the same thing.

Another good reason for unfranchise business owners to keep up with Market America is that it helps them maintain a connection with the company. One good thing about this is that people may feel encouraged when Market America is celebrating. They may feel the drive to work hard so that they can perhaps be a large part of the next celebration. Also, the struggling unfranchise owners of Market America can learn something that is very important to their breakthrough. This can keep them from becoming discouraged and walking out on the whole activity.

Often times, it is the person who is the most engaged that is going to go places with the business. One reason is that a marketer who engages with people is going to be more comfortable with talking to customers. This can also help him with the selling of the products so that he will be able to grow his part of the business. Even with Market America, it is important to be highly assertive. The business world is very competitive. Therefore, the person who is doing a lot of work as well as looking at a lot of opportunities is going to be the one who cashes out with the most.

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Organo Gourmet Coffees Reaches 59th in Direct Sales Businesses Globally and Growing

Coffee is an international beverage that the majority of the population drink daily, but there is a huge variety in the qualities of this hot beverage. Coffee beans are very different in taste and strength, and the way it is processed also effects the quality of the coffee. Most people prefer their cup of coffee to have a rich, delicious flavor and to supply the boost of energy they are looking for.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded the gourmet coffee company, Organo Gold, and it has become a leader in the direct sales industry. Organo selects the highest quality coffee beans from Columbia and infuses it with Ganoderma, the exceptionally nutritious red mushroom grown in the Asain Mountains. This infusion produces an incredibly rich, tasty coffee that is filled with nutritional benefits from the Ganoderma. Read the reviews at

Bernardo Chua, founder and CEO, developed this incredible blend to fulfill his life mission of taking Ganoderma to the entire Earth. Organo gourmet coffees and teas are now available in over 45 countries, and the successful networking company is growing rapidly.

The unique ingredients in Ganoderma have been acknowledged in China for thousands of years as a superior healing herb. Bernardo’s mother was raised in China, and she brought this nutrient-filled mushroom to the Philippines where Berardo was raised. He grew up using Ganoderma daily, and, today, science has revealed that this herb is a member of the incredible super-food family.

Ganoderma is packed with vitamins, minerals and is extremely beneficial in supporting the immune system. It has been found to be as beneficial as the Acai and Mangosteen, and, from his early career, Bernardo has wanted to introduce people to its amazing benefits. As an established businessman with previous direct sales businesses, he founded Organo Gold in British Columbia Canada, and in 2017, it was 59th in the international direct sales businesses. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo has over one million distributors globally taking this delicious and nutritious blend to their customers. Organo Gold focuses on a select group of products including Ganoderma-infused coffee, lattes, herbal teas, and hot chocolate while they also offer several natural skin products.

The name Organo is actually taken from the word “organic” because Mr. Chua wanted to impress the fact that his company consists of products that are 100 percent organic with minimal processing. By doing this, he provides a superior line of gourmet coffees and supplemtents, which is his goal.