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Utility Cleaning App, Handy, Surpasses $1 Million Mark!

It’s almost become a cliche at this point to say, “We have an app for that” but the fact remains that it is very true! The tech world has been booming in recent years and this has given rise to applications on smart phones and other digital consoles for the easy consumption of people all over the world. One company, by the name of Handy, has been rising in meteoric fashion in order to help people around the country to take care of those pesky cleaning jobs that can cause so much trouble.

Two years after their full launch, Handy is raking in over $1 million per week in earnings from bookings made via their app. The application is simple and relies on person to person connections to make things happen. Let’s say that you need someone to come around and clean your apartment once a week. Logging onto Handy will connect you with a host of approved cleaning professionals as well as their rates. You merely click through the list until you find someone that offers what you need. A click of the button later and you can schedule their hiring date and make a payment, held in escrow.

Whether you want to find workers through Handy or work yourself, the company is making things as easy and full of integrity as possible. Workers on Handy are earning roughly $15 to $22 per hour offering their skills and that has helped many people make money in a tough economy. One of the founders of Handy, Mr. Hanrahan, claims, “It gives you the ability to pick your own hours and it gives you a healthy hourly wage.” What’s not to like about that?

Despite early returns int he cleaning market the team at Handy are interested in offering far more than just cleaning applications to customers and workers alike. Right now roughly 85% of the work offered and purchased on Handy relates directly to cleaning with the last 15% consigned mostly to plumbing and handyman work. This isn’t the end of the line, though, as the team would like to begin offering even more services to appeal to even more needs for their customers.

Right now is sitting in 25 cities across the United States, two cities in Canada, and location services in London as well. There are over 5,000 active workers who are dedicated to making Handy work as a platform.