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Going With The Colorful Lime Crime Dream

The idea of following your dreams no matter how wild and crazy they might seem to be is a notion some people scoff at. Yet there really are some people in the world who will dare to go out on a limb and really make their dreams happen, no matter what anyone else thinks. One person who has dared to “be different” and really manifest her dreams in a big way is Lime Crime Cosmetics entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is a unique personality in the cosmetics world, as she started her own brand of makeup from scratch, by using her own ingenuity and the resources available on the Internet. By staying with her own vision of creating a rock and roll style makeup line that uses colors in bold and beautiful ways, she’s invented her own kind of business success story.


Promoting Her Own Brand


Deere is a Russian emigre who came to the United States as a teenager, and began her career as a musician in a New York band. She used many of the marketing skills she developed as a musician and promoter to help push first an online fashion brand, and then, ultimately, Lime Crime. Young women have responded passionately to the looks created by this upstart brand, and many of them have posted their own photos on the brand’s Instagram page, quickly sending it into the social media stratosphere.


Going Bright and Bold


Lime Crime uses a color palette that is bright and bold, with lipstick and hair colors that range from purple to pink to blue and green. As Deere sees it, creative women are unicorns, and they should be their own unique selves, even if that means standing apart from the crowd with their own colorful looks.


Lime Crime’s Unicorn lip colors and hair colors now have a passionate following, and there’s no doubt the young women who use the brand will continue to meet each new product from Lime Crime with enthusiasm. All this, apparently, is what comes from following your dreams. Learn more:


Doe Deere: A Rebel with a Cosmetic Cause

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of the cosmetic company Lime Crime, got her first taste of makeup at the budding age of nine while “conjuring spirits” with her friends at a slumber party.

“I pulled out a makeup bag and began piling dark pink eyeshadow, crooked winged liner and brown lip gloss (also crooked) on all of us,” said Deere in an interview with Galore online magazine.

“My friends probably thought I was nuts, but I didn’t care!”

That “no care” attitude, hard work and a deep entrepreneurial hunger has given growth to both Doe Deere and her company.

Today, the company has 174 employees and an estimated annual revenue of $2.5 million, according to an Owler company profile. The Lime Crime concept began back in 2004 as a simple Ebay store and officially launched itself into the highly competitive cosmetic industry in 2008, said Deere.

The Los Angeles-based company “revolutionizes makeup with some kick-ass products” for those who have no apologies for their love of bold, vibrant color. The brand is also socially conscious; all products are certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Deere represents her seemingly rebellious brand well. She is often seen publicly with bright pink, blue, peach or fuchsia hair, vivid lipstick and glittering eye shadow which adds highlights to her naturally beautiful eyes.

Born and raised in Russia, Deere moved to New York City at the age of 17. Her goal was to become a musician. She succeeded and performed with a band in Brooklyn for many years. But the entrepreneur within was always thinking of new ideas.

“When I was 13 years old, I sold temporary tattoos which was a novelty at the time,” said Deere in an interview on Guest of a Guest. She popularized the tattoos and sold them to her classmates.

Her idea for Lime Crime stems from what Deere saw as a need for bright colors in the world of cosmetics.

“I always gravitated towards bright and unusual colors but back in 2008 they were impossible to find,” said Deere. “I was so surprised to see just how many girls gravitated towards the same.”

She says by serving this largely untapped market, Lime Crime has been successful and profitable.

Lime Crime’s website is a shopping bonanza for color lovers and trendy trailblazers with Makeup for Unicorns, her M$LF velvetine collection, and her Unicorn chocolate cherry hair dye which actually sounds yummy.

“Always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up” is part of their goal. Mission accomplished.

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