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The Chainsmokers Beat Out the Gorillaz for the Top 3 Position Of All Time

2018 has been a great year for Alex Pall and Drew Taggart that make up The Chainsmokers, and with their next album being scheduled for release within the next few months they aren’t going to be slowing down any time soon. Recently, The Chainsmokers’ album Memories… Do Not Open snagged the #3 spot of all time when it comes to weeks on the top of the Dance/Electronic charts according to Billboard. They had previously tied with Demon Days from the Gorillaz and are now headed to battle for the second spot on the charts.


With their new singles released this year reaching great positions on the dance/electronic charts already, it will be interesting to see how many weeks their upcoming album will hold the top spot and if the two Chainsmokers albums will be battling it out for the first 2 spots at the same time. There have been a few weeks where Memories… Do Not Open has lost its position on the top spot, but so far it has always returned to #1 within a few weeks. After the suicide of Avicci earlier in 2018, the late EDM artist was able to take the spot. For the Chainsmokers, this wasn’t a problem as they spoke to the audience at the Billboard Music Awards about Avicci’s career and the inspiration that he provided to so many artists in the industry.


During the Chainsmokers’ career, they have topped the Billboard Top 200 chart with Memories… Do Not Open and have had 4 different singles reach the top spot as well. The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall first met in 2012 and decided to reform The Chainsmokers from their original lineup into a DJ duo dance group. The two have an interesting chemistry both musically and personally that allowed them to create the unique sound that so many people around the world love. If their newest studio album does as well as expected, they could possibly see three of their albums on the top ten of the Billboard Dance/Electronic top 100 chart.

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The Lady behind the Label: Desiree Perez

Today, female executives are reaching new strides by leading the way in the predominantly male-led music industry. Billboard’s 2017 has highlighted powerful women that take the entertainment market to new heights. Top exec Desiree Perez stands out on that list! Ms. Perez, also known as Dez Perez, is COO of Roc Nation-the illustrious music and entertainment company founded by Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z. Ms. Perez was on-boarded in 2009. She took on a role to elevate the brand and set it apart from the rest. The brand is no stranger to Ms. Perez, as she assisted Jay-Z with enterprise expansion over the past 22 years. Currently, she pioneers all Roc Nation’s publishing and label initiatives. In short, the influential COO heads daily operations, creates and actualizes tour promotions while raising the company and shareholder profits. Desiree Perez, although a very private individual, has been known to maneuver a boardroom like nobody’s business. She is vital in ROC Nations multi-million dollar high-pressure negotiations. The clever COO engineered a $2 million deal between Sprint and TIDAL, Roc Nation’s streaming services. Sprint’s investment with TIDAL was announced in January 2017. The well-publicized agreement paid off five months later as Jay-Z released album 4:44. Sprint sponsored the album, issuing 1 million complimentary downloads. The album reached a platinum plateau before its official release date. The project accrued 600,000 equal to album units, establishing this strategy as the King of the Hill of marketing campaigns. As of April, equity partner Live Nation signed on with Jay-Z, committing to a long-term $200 million tour collaboration. The 4:44 Tour has experienced 21% greater average gross sales than 2013’s Magna Carter Tour. Multitudes of success have transpired since trailblazer Dez Perez got in front of infamous music label Roc Nation.

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Everything You Need to Know about Norka Martinez Luque

Norka (born Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque on February 7, 1985, in Caracas, Venezuela) is an upcoming pop star and dancer, best known for her hit single “Milagro.” She was nominated for the 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards in the Best Female Pop Artist category. Since she started professional singing in 2008, this beautiful Venezuelan has released several hits.


Early life and education

s indicated above, Luque was born in Caracas and spent most of her early life there. She discovered her love for music at a young age and even took part in several junior singing competitions. Some of the notable competitions that she participated in include “The Golden Voice” and the “Festival of Gaitas” which is a Latin folk music contest.

Martinez also attended arts related classes such as voice training, piano, flamenco, and ballet training. With the unconditional support of her parents, Norka was able to acquire skills in the above arts lessons while also pursuing her academic studies. When she graduated from high school, she traveled to France to further her academic education. She took a business related course (business administration) which she studied for four years.


What she did to keep in touch with her music ambitions as a student

Norka Martinez did not entirely forget about music even while at school. In the evenings she would dance in French nightclubs. Additionally, she joined a band by the name Bad Moon Rising as a soloist. With this band, she learned a lot of things concerning the music industry. She also got the chance to meet professionals (big artist, producers, and songwriters) in the European music community.


Decision to venture into professional singing

After graduating from the French business school, Luque moved to Monaco in search of a business related job. She was able to secure a job in the banking sector of this small city-state. Unfortunately, Martinez found the job boring; she felt that the job did not give her a chance to be creative.

That was when the idea of becoming a professional singer struck her mind. She packed her bags and moved to the United States to make music professionally. Like with most beginners, Luque found the journey quite challenging. According to her profile, she started off as a dancer in a club in the Miami region.

Her movements in Miami enabled her to meet the businessman and producer Emilio Estefan. Mr. Estefan changed her life. To find out more about Ms. Martinez, go here.