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The public sometimes knows a bit more than those who work in a particular industry. Well, how much the public knows depends on the particulars of an industry. In the world of professional football, fans see and hear things with their own eyes and ears. They have a lot of experience watching season after season of football. They know what football odds sound right and which ones may be a bit balmy. The public is making a bit of noise over the upcoming Saints’ football game. The New Orleans Saints have been on a road game win streak. The public thinks that streak is going to continue.

The lack of odds may be the big story in an article published at, one of the top online sites for sportsbook news and information. The article reveals the public — gamblers — are putting a lot of money on the Saints in the form of “straight bets”. For those who do no gamble, straight bets are ones based on the literal outcome of the game as opposed to the point spreads.

So, if person wagers a straight bet on a team that wins 7 – 0 then he/she wins even when the oddsmakers have the team at -8. The gambler did not take a bet based on the point spread so the spread is irrelevant in this particular game to a degree.

The “degree” here is born of the analysis that goes into arriving at a particular point spread. Figures and odds are not merely pulled out of the air. The oddsmakers have to put a lot of work into coming up with reliable NFL odds. provides enough analysis to give readers ideas about what odds are legitimate ones. published an accompanying video with the interesting article. The video features Johnny Avello, a top oddsmaker for the sportsbook at BetNow. He knows what he is talking about and what he talks about should be of interest to anyone looking closely at the Saints vs. Panthers game of week 11. The game opened at -4 and now the odds are showing -3.5. The slight change still indicates these two teams are — relatively speaking — evenly matched.

The game should end up being a very exciting one for fans. For gamblers, the goal of the game is for the result to be profitable. Public opinion leans towards the Saints, but with straight betting. Maybe this will be how things play out in the end.