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What Is Cotemar’s Sustainability Scheme?

Petroleum is not a renewable resource, something that hasn’t escaped the grasp of Cotemar. Mexico’s premiere petroleum provider has claimed a dedication to a sustainability scheme that will not only decrease their environmental footprint on the planet, but make them a better company overall.


What is this sustainability scheme and how will it be implemented in the future? Understanding it can give you a better insight into how this unique and worthwhile company works.



Ethical And Transparent Behavior

Cotemar believes in the concept of transparency and ethical transaction. That is why they share all of their information with the public and let them know how they are working to protect them from harm. This dedication to ethical behavior helps serve their drive towards sustainability.



Improving The Quality Of Life Of The World

Cotemar is dedicated to improving the quality of life of as many people in the world as possible. This includes those who work for them through the use of better industrial safety techniques, equity programs for retirement, improved health benefits, proper education, and sporting events that help promote a better sense of community and happiness.



Serving The Community

One problem that plagues many petroleum companies is their rampant use of available labor. Rather than carefully conserve the people they do have, they often treat their workers like interchangeable cogs. That is not how Cotemar works. Cotemar tries to build connections between its workers to create a better sense of community working towards one common goal.



Protecting The Environment

The petroleum industry can be a messy business, but Cotemar works hard to help raise awareness about the environment, providing strong ecological preservation activities, and doing what they can to decrease their negative impact on the world around them.


As a result, it is fair to say that Cotemar is doing what it can to improve the sustainability of its operation and the world around it. Finding a company that is so willing to work hard for these goals is a refreshing change of pace from the sometimes cold and profit-driven business world.