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EOS Lip Balms -The New Guy in Town

Don’t reach for another tube of Chapstick when there’s a new guy in town that will satisfy your chapped lip needs better than this brand could ever. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is the name, and the beauty brand has the lip balms that your lips crave. It isn’t just a suggestion; EOS is now a more popular brand than Chapstick.

EOS began selling their balms seven years ago. They placed their lip balms on Walgreens and Well pharmacy shelves where they were quickly discovered by Cosmopolitan and Elle magazine editors, and then by many celebrities. The company received rave reviews on Facebook because their product was unique, and offered something different than Chapstick had in the more than 100-years they led the lip balm game.

EOS lip balms are unique in appearance, quality, and delight, and those factors are all things that users appreciate in their chapped lip formula. There are no artificial ingredients in the lip balms. Instead, yu’ll find natural ingredients, including shea butter and jojoba oil, that smooth the lips. The balms are gluten-free, and available in fun and exciting flavors (like this one: that make the lips happy.

It isn’t which brand is best these days. Instead, users face the problem of which EOS lip balm flavor they want to use. Chapstick is old and boring, and a product that has sunk to the back of the picture. It’s nice to have options, and EOS brought them to the world. There’s little wonder why the EOS lip balm brand is now the second-best selling lip balm company in the world.