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Is OSI Group The Food Provider of The Future

If you have any general knowledge of the foodservice industry, then you’ve probably heard of OSI Group. This particular company has a century’s worth of experience, has top-of-the-line leadership and has a multitude of products and services. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more proficient food provider than this. The company’s resume is rather impressive as it has worked with many of today’s biggest brands, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Yum, Burger King and Subway. Its stream of revenue has increased from $3 billion back in 2011 to over $6 billion as of 2016. It has become a consistent contestant on the Forbes list, and the company’s privately held.

The corner butcher shop has manifested into a global enterprise. Who would have ever thought that Otto Kolschowki’s small butcher shop would eventually takeover the food service industry? Kolschoskwi was just one of the thousands of German-immigrants that came to the US at the turn of the 20th century. This new entry point into America was also a thriving industrial scene. Immigrants and industrialization goes hand-to-hand and the results of this combination helped to fuel America’s growing economy. Family-owned business were now beginning to spread their wings thanks to the extreme growth of the postwar economic expansion. OSI Group was actually known as Otto & Sons during this time. The company had numerous headquarters in the Chicago region, including Maywood, Illinois, as well as Oak park, Illinois.

As time went on, Otto & Sons transformed into the food giant of today. OSI Group went on a blitz of opening new facilities around the US. This would include the states of California, Utah, Wisconsin and Iowa. In addition to that, OSI began to launch new facilities overseas in Poland, in Ukraine, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom, in Japan, in Canada and in many other countries. Cutting-edge technologies such as cryogenics and high-capacity production lines only made the company stronger. CEO Sheldon Lavin has even won the prestigious Global Visionary Award thanks to his perseverance, dedication and persistence. When it’s all said and done, OSI Group may go down as the absolute best food provider in history.
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The Secret behind the Success of Sheldon Lavin

The success of every firm is determined by the ability of the leaders to navigate through the harsh conditions that the company experiences. It is, therefore, crucial for the board of directors to carry out exclusive research to see that the individuals in this positions are the best for the company. Well, the OSI Industries are lucky to have a valuable Chief Executive Officer who have believed in their dreams all along.

Sheldon Lavin always had a dream of having a chain of companies that specialized in the distribution of food products. We are constantly told that to be successful, we first have to know the people we need to become to get where we want to be. For Sheldon Lavin, he had to become a financial consultant to live his dream.

Lavin says that when starting something for the first time it’s normal to be afraid. He says that he felt incompetent, like the task ahead of him was far beyond the abilities that he had. However, the only way to know was doing it do, so he plunged in any way. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Luckily, it was not long before his firm became profitable. McDonald says that this early success gave him confidence in himself. Sheldon Lavin says that one secret he discovered that led to his victory was investing in large scale helps in minimizing costs. As much as it may be a big risk, with a great strategy, it helps in reducing the costs because the firm gets to enjoy the economies of scale.

Everyone has habits that contribute to the people they become; good or bad. Sheldon Lavin says that it is hard to point out one practice that makes him productive. He, however, says that one factor that has contributed to his success is his ability to plan. He says that he developed the habit of making decisions considering how they would affect his future when he was still a kid. He is a great planner, an art that helps him in predicting what he may be up against and prepare for it.

The other factor that contributes to the success of every organization is the level of creativity and innovation. Being inventive helps in differentiating the products of your firm from others in the market. Sheldon Lavin says that one attribute that has helped in boosting his innovation is humility. He says that he ensures that he is open to suggestions from everyone in the company. It is all about believing in other people’s thinking.

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OSI Group’s Journey to Success

The success story of the OSI Group began a century ago. Otto Kolschowsky saw a business opportunity and took advantage of it. He founded a butcher shop and a meat market in the year 1909 and named it Otto and Sons. It was located in Chicago, USA. The current growth that is exhibited in OSI Group started in the year 1955 when Otto and Sons was chosen as the first supplier of Hamburger to McDonald’s. Over time, the company opened a branch that served McDonald’s only. During the 70’s, Sheldon Lavin came on board. It did not take long for him to be a third partner to the then Otto and Son. His contributions to this company cannot be understated. He aided the company to get to global heights.

In the year 1975, Otto and Sons changed its name to IOS Group. When one of the Otto brothers sold his shares, Sheldon became a half partner. Upon the retirement of the other Otto brother, Sheldon earned 100 percent of the voting rights. In the 1980s, OSI group started to expand. It opened branches in Germany, Austria, Spain as well as Brazil. At this moment also, the management saw it fit to open two more plants in the USA. The expansion did not stop there. In the 1990s, OSI Group opened branches in Poland, Mexico, Philippines, and China. The poultry operations to several continents began when we ushered the new millennium. A lot of acquisitions came with the Millennium among them in Australia where a beef company was bought.

The success of OSI Group includes some procurements. In the year 2014, the OSI Group began working with Pickstock in the United Kingdom. With this venture, OSI was able to expand its beef distribution in the larger Europe. Last year, OSI Group acquired Tyson a production firm located in Illinois Chicago for $7.4 million. The acquisition was as a result of its proximity to the main offices of OSI. It also came with an enough storage space. Baho Food is yet another company that was acquired in 2016. Before the acquisition, it used to produce and distribute a broad range of foods in Netherlands and Germany.