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The Benefits of Feeding a Dog Wet Beneful Food

Beneful is a dog food brand that comes in both wet and dry varieties. Depending on the needs of your dog, wet might be better than dry. Dry dog food is great for storage purposes. It can be set out for a day or so without needing to be replaced. It is great for eating purposes at any time of the day. Wet dog food, on the other hand, has a shorter shelf life. It has a strong smell, which is great for leading sick dogs or those who lack a keen sense of smell toward the food bowl easier.

Beneful sells their wet food in packs that focus on a variety of flavors. In total, there are eight different varieties of flavors to pick from. The two most popular flavors are chicken and bacon. Their recipes are grain free, and they include things like farm-raised chicken. At the same time, the recipe includes vegetables.

Beneful wet food can be found in many department stores and pet stores across the nation. Coupons for this product can be found online at Beneful’s website, and there are several coupon vendors like Zapmeta and Netdeals that also offer coupons. Often times, coupons for Beneful can be found in weekly coupon prints in newspapers, too.

Applejack No Longer Steals Our Cereal Thanks To Beneful Dog Food

My dog loves applejacks so much that we decided to name her Applejack. There used to never be a dull morning in our home as Applejack was always trying to steal our cereal. Applejack is a Whippet and she is very lively, gentle, and quiet. Applejack does not make much noise but she is very affectionate and is always looking for someone to pet her. Due to the fact that Applejack is so gentle, I don’t have to worry about letting her around my daughter as long as I am in the room. We had decided a while back to change Applejacks food because we thought it might help to stop her from stealing our cereal in the morning and it actually worked. The type of dog food we switched Applejack to was Beneful dog food because it seemed like it not only had a lot of good ingredients in it but it also seemed like they had many different flavors for Applejack to try. When first finding out about Beneful I had picked up three different types of dog food for her to try. I had bought a bag of Beneful originals dry dog food from Amazon, beef stew wet dog food [see product link:], and Mediterranean style medley wet dog food. The flavor of Beneful originals that I bought for Applejack was the chicken flavor. After allowing Applejack to try all three of the different types of foods I bought she ended up liking them all so I decided to just buy her all three of the different foods so during the month she could switch off between the three different dog foods each week. Since putting Applejack on Beneful dog food she has not only stopped stealing our cereal in the morning but she also seems much healthier than she was before Beneful. Recently I bought from Wal-Mart a bag of Beneful playful life dog food because it caught my attention due to the fact that it has not only beef but also egg in it which means it has a lot of protein.

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