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At White Shark Media, we value your feedback

In the recent past, we have always had to dodge one challenge after another. But we always say that our very existence is predicated on our ability to mitigate challenges. Every company in the world these challenges. Customer complaints are the most common. Even in the biggest Fortune 500 companies, customer complaints are common. The difference lies in knowing how to stand up and handle customer complaints.

At White Shark Media, customer complaints have been there, and it is our goal to make sure that every client goes home satisfied. We want our customers to know that their marketing campaigns are in safe hands. To do this, we have not been resting, day and night looking for solutions.

White Shark Media Complaints team started by assembling all the complaints. We used big data analytics to understand the dynamics of the complaints. We came up with the most common complaints and the most disturbing ones.

Knowing the complaints, we set out to offer solutions to every problem, however, trivial it sounded. Here are some of the solutions we will implement. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Assign managers to supervise and be available on call.

Customers wanted to keep track of their campaigns from an expert’s perspective. We decided that the only way to make this happen is to assign a consultant to maintain an active role in our customer’s campaign throughout.

Offer analytics tools freely

Customers want to keep track of keywords performance and overall campaign metrics. We offered them a chance to do so through an account with us. They can follow all analytics including performance, keyword conversion, among others. They can track progress anytime at the convenience of their home.

Status call and virtual meeting

Not all customers are versed with Search Engine Marketing terminologies. Sometimes you send the metrics, but they do not comprehend them effectively. Apparently, such lack of comprehension of metrics brought many other complaints. So we purposed to offer a conference call complete with a virtual meeting where we explain everything to detail.

Improvements on old campaigns

Most old campaigns tended to outperform new campaigns because they are already established and probably have already broken even. If there are new campaigns, they will be done as an improvement of existing campaigns. This way, both campaigns complement each other.

Campaigns to be on client’s account

No more accounts under the company name and all customers will have a chance to create their account according to their preference, of course with the company’s guidance.

Other improvements include offering SEM consultation on SEO services to all customers.